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November 15 | 2021

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District Updates - COVID

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Some summarized information:

  • Middle and High school have less than 1% COVID cases and decreased overall illness
  • Grove has no reported cases in last 10 days.
  • Elementary school has 2.8% COVID cases. Many of these are known household exposure and many have been separated at home without exposure to school contacts.

Recognizing we each have our particular COVID experience, with the increase of cases in Colorado, there is a range of emotions that results. We also recognize some of the anxiety related to this illness as we approach the holidays is the disruption it can cause to plans for gathering and travel. As a school district, we will continue with our communicated plan to monitor illness and COVID cases in our schools and consider needed adjustments when we reach 4% of a single illness (like COVID). We have seen absences related to all illness or quarantine between 2-8% across the District. COVID cases have remained below 4% in all of our schools (with the exception of CCHS, with their enrollment numbers a single case puts the school above 4%, so we evaluate each situation at the school).

Because we remain below 4%, we will stay the course with our plan to provide consistency, routine, and opportunity for highest quality in-person learning. As communicated, we will use targeted masking and teachers will emphasize this practice this week as our county and state experiences a surge in cases. This means whenever possible, when students are facing one another in close proximity for 15 minutes or more, teachers will ask for masking. Distancing (increase to 6 feet or more) will also be used with increased frequency and when masking inhibits learning or is not available.

While cases in our county continue to be significant, our teachers will use more targeted masking when students are working in small groups. Please be sure your child has a mask at school. Teachers will also increase the distance between students whenever possible and if a mask is not available to a student.

NO Monday Minute or ZOOM on Monday, November 22 during Thanksgiving Break.

Weekly Zoom Meetings continue each Monday at 5:00 pm for additional information or questions about Recovery practices or other District items. See end of newsletter for link to join.

The BV Schools Opening in Recovery Plan is linked here.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. NO Monday Minute or Zoom call on Monday 11/22.

Our Response Team will not be available during the Thanksgiving Break. If your family has a COVID impact during the week and you are uncertain about a return to school, please stay home on Monday morning, 11/29, and contact your school nurse at that time. Our goal is always to get your student back at school as soon as safely possible.

As a reminder, these are some general Public Health guidelines for COVID:

  • A person who tests positive for COVID should isolate for 10 days (and longer if symptoms are not improving).
  • Any person in a household of a positive case should quarantine and whenever possible, separate from the positive case.
  • If separated, quarantine lasts for 10 days once separated from the positive case or 7 days with a negative test and no symptoms.
  • If not separated, quarantine lasts for 10 days after day 10 of the positive cases isolation or 7 days after with a negative test and no symptoms.

District Calendar Input

The District is seeking input regarding our 2022-23 and 2023-24 calendar. Please look for a survey link coming November 29 (after Thanksgiving Break).

Weekly Zoom Meeting for Families

Each Monday, BV Schools will host a virtual meeting at 5:00 pm. This is open to all families to hear more about the status of learning in the school and to ask questions.

Join through the link below or by going to ZOOM and entering: 821 3222 5223


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