Pronoun Smore

Subjective case pronoun

- Lee eats poes

Objective case pronouns

- Please send him immediately

- Please send this letter immediately


Possessive pronouns

Compound personal pronouns

- Back + pack = backpack

- Book + worm = bookworm

- My + self = myself

- You + self = yourself

- Him + self = himself

- Her + self = herself

- It + self = itself

- Them + selves = themselves


- Agatha Christie loved real-life mysteries of the past.She helped to investigate them in the Middle East .

- Agatha Christie and her husband went on many archeological trips and found them exciting.

- A mystery writer may use exotic places and backgrounds for his or her stories.

- Christie started murder in Masoptamia in the desert.

Demonstrative pronouns

-Do you want this ?

-This is yours.

-Do you want some of these ?

-Those are mine.

-These are all my books ?

-This is a great year.

Numeral pronoun

- I love to watch the Star Wars movies. Last summer I watched all six.

- I made several.

- Can I have some ?

- No one is here yet

Indefinite pronouns

-I love to make cupcakes.Last weekend we made some.

-I made several.

-Can I have some ?

-No one is here yet.

-Is anybody coming ?

Interrogative pronouns

Who are they ?

Whom am I speaking with ?

Which are bobs ?

What are you doing ?

Why are you singing ?