Planning Healthy Nutritious Snacks

Mikaela Harris 4/28/15 NWI

The Importance of Breakfast

- Peanut Butter is great for breakfast because it's a source of protein in the morning

- Non-fat greek yogurt is healthy for breakfast because it keeps your hunger under control and is a great source of protein as well

- Eggs are great for breakfast because they contain Vitamin A & D and keep your eyes and skin healthy

Guidelines For Smart Snacking

The following foods are all healthy snack choices

- Hard Boiled Eggs because they are a good source of protein and build muscles

- String Cheese w/ almonds because it provides calcium which is vital for teens

- Soft Pretzels and hummus because it keeps you full for a longer period of time

- An apple fruits are always essential for growing bodies due to all the nutrients in it

- Cottage Cheese because it provides a lot of calcium for your body