Ms. Lee's Classroom News

December 4, 2015

Take Note...

Major Saver Fund Raising envelopes/information are coming home today. The first collection date is next Thursday!


This section of the newsletter will highlight what we have learned this week!

READING: I CAN differentiate between fact and opinion in my reading.

WRITING: I CAN write an opinion paragraph using an introduction, details, and conclusion.

SPELLING: I CAN spell my core words this week: no, make, than, first, been

LANGUAGE: I CAN tell the difference between a statement and an interrogative sentence.

MATH: I CAN characterize even & odd numbers as those that make equal groups (teams) and groups of two (partners).

SCIENCE: I CAN define humus and tell which layer of soil it is found in. I CAN define weathering and erosion and give examples of each.


This section of the newsletter will highlight important things that will happen at school or in our classroom.

DECEMBER 4: Major Saver Fund Raiser begins

DECEMBER 10: Major Saver Collection begins

DECEMBER 16: Major Saver Collection ends / School Store

DECEMBER 22: Winter Breakfast / Early Release at NOON

DECEMBER 23-JANUARY 1: Winter Break


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