Arthropod: Wolf Spider

By: Dakota Howard


  • The wolf spider is a very large spider measuring at typically 1.38 inches.
  • Wolf spiders are typically hairy with a brown color to them and have black stripes that run down their legs. Some are also known to be grey.
  • They have two eyes on the side, two eyes in the front, and four smaller eyes.
  • Males are typically darker than females.
  • Wolf spiders also live in every part of the world.



  • After mating the male is typically consumed by the female.
  • The female then finds a isolated location to lay her eggs. She carries the eggs on her back unlike most spiders. Then she'll rip the eggs open to release her babies.
  • The spiderlings will then hang onto their mother for a couple weeks then leave to fend for themselves.


  • Wolf spiders communicate with visual, touch, and smell.
  • The purring beat a wolf spider makes can be heard from 20 feet away, but only last for half a second.
  • Most spiders rub their feet to make a sound and communicate.


  • Wolf spiders typically eat large insects, other arachnids, and even sometimes amphibians.
  • If the wolf spider is really hungry it'll eat animals bigger than itself.
  • As soon as the spider pounces on it's prey it'll inject venom.