Newsletter Week 6 Term 2

Lauriston School 9th June 2022

Principal's Message

Mānawatia a Matariki: Celebrating Matariki

Mānawa maiea te putanga o Matariki Celebrate the rising of Matariki

Mānawa maiea te ariki o te rangi Celebrate the rising of the lord of the heavens

Mānawa maiea te Mātahi o te tau Celebrate the rising of the New Year

Matariki hunga nui Matariki, a time to come together

Matariki ahunga nui Matariki, a time of bounty

Matariki manako nui Matariki, a time of aspiration

Kia ora ma whanau te kura Kotuku Lauriston,

Across the country, communities are getting excited about the first ever celebration of Matariki as a NZ public holiday.

Matariki, including Puanga, have traditionally been celebrated with several important themes. These themes have guided the creation of our learning focus and planning leading up to Matariki this year. (Some iwi name this time of year Puanga because they’re not able to see Matariki clearly from their locality. They look to the next important star near Matariki – Puanga.)

These themes are illustrated in our school context by:

Reflection: remembering loved ones who have passed on, especially within the past lunar year

Native Area and Bird Highway Tree Planting-date to be confirmed

Te Whare Pou Matauranga workshop for parents-date to be confirmed

Staff only day-27 June (Professional development day for staff with Nathan Crocker on Student Inquiry and Agency & Mark Treadwell on Competencies)

Celebration: celebrating the bounty and blessings of the present

Matariki Public Holiday-24 June

Matariki Book Week-celebrating reading in NZ-held over two weeks 15 June through to 23 June (see flyer)

Our first annual School Hangi- date to be confirmed

School Powhiri for new whanau (We haven’t yet been able to officially welcome our new whanau to our school in this way due to COVID-19 in Term 4 last year and Term 1 in 2022.)-date to be confirmed

Acknowledgement of Colin by the Opuke Kahui Ako for his role in leading the Kahui Ako (9 schools and 8 Early Childhood Centres) over the past two and half years, 2019-2021-27 June

Te Whare Pou Matauranga workshop for parents -date to be confirmed

End of Term Assembly celebrating our students progress and achievements in Term 2 -date to be confirmed

Whanau Hui-which offers our families, students and staff to meet together to celebrate progress and achievement, while also formulating goals for the next 6 months ahead-held over two weeks-13 June through to 23 June

Aspiration: setting aspirations to ensure that that bounty can continue long into the future with a focus on environmental protection and regeneration.

Whanau Hui-which offers our families, students and staff to meet together to celebrate progress and achievement, while also formulating goals for the next 6 months ahead-13 June through to 23 June.

Native Area and Bird Highway Tree Planting-date to be confirmed

Kapa Haka-preparing for performances in Term 3 including at the first annual Opuke Festival of Cultures held at Lauriston School

As you can see above we have planned a range of meaningful and authentic activities to help us learn about and celebrate Matariki together this year.

We would love to engage with our whanau in helping us to plan and set a date for our community to come together to celebrate Matariki and our children’s progress, achievements and learning.

Please complete the survey: below to help us with our planning.

Nga mihi nui

Colin Brodie


Bring on the Presents

Our best wishes go out this week to Ollie Scotchbrook who turned 11 and Gus Copland who turned 7 on the 2nd June and to Farrah Wilson who turned 9 and Izzy Gray who turned 11 on the 5th June - we hope you all had wonderful days!

Upcoming Events

  • LSS Meeting - 15th June
  • Scholastic Book Fair - 20th - 23rd June
  • Zone Cross Country - 22nd June
  • Matariki Holiday - 24th June
  • Teacher Only Day - 27th June
  • BOT Meeting 7pm - 27th June
  • End of Term Two - 8th July

Teacher Only Day - 27th June

As noted in the newsletter early in term one, we have a Teacher Only Day on Monday 27th June which will give you an extra long weekend as Friday 24th is the Matariki Holiday.

This will be a professional development day for staff with Nathan Crocker on Student Inquiry and Agency and also time with Mark Treadwell on competencies.

Scholastic Book Week and Book Fair

Book Week and the Scholastic Book Fair are back at Lauriston for 2022! Running from Wednesday 15th June until Thursday 23rd June we have a range of exciting events taking place throughout the week including:

Wednesday 15th June - Dad's Day! Dad's come along and read a book or share something fun with your child's class.

Thursday 16th June - Mums are super stars! Mums come along and read a book or share something fun with your child's class.

Friday 17th June - Book character dress-up day and parade! Come along dressed as your favourite book character.

Monday 20th June - Grandparents Day! Grandparents come along and read a book or share something fun with your grandchild's class.

Tuesday 21st June - Pyjama Day! Come to school in your pyjamas and bring along your favourite teddy ready for a movie afternoon.

Please keep an eye out for a timeline with greater detail of activities coming soon.

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Kapa Haka Uniforms - We need You!

Lauriston School is looking forward to hosting the very first Kahui Ako ‘Festival of Cultures’ later next term. For this event, we have 58 students as part of our junior and senior Kapa Haka teams who will be performing and need Kapa Haka uniforms. We are excited to confirm we have the process underway and Trudy is leading our sewing operation. We are now calling for volunteers to help us sew our uniforms. A timeline and dates for sewing requirements are to come. Although if you are keen to help we would love to hear from you. Please let either Trudy or Laura know.

Subway Cup Rippa Rugby

A huge congratulations to the students who represented our school on Thursday at the Rippa Rugby Tournament. I am delighted to announce that Lauriston School made it into the Top 5 and therefore have qualified to compete for the Subway Cup 2022 which will be held in Oamaru on Wednesday the 22nd of June.

Results were as follows:

Lauriston vs Rakaia Navy

Won 11-5

Lauriston vs Netherby

Loss 6-8

Lauriston vs Allenton Gold

Won 10-1

Lauriston vs Longbeach Blue

Won 6-2

Our students represented our school with excellent sportsmanship and skill. They displayed all our school READY Values and made myself, Alton and all our supporters very proud. Thank you to all who came to support. It is very exciting to start planning for our trainings at school and our trip to Oamaru. More details to follow!

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County Cross Country

Well done to our County Cross Country runners who competed in Ashburton last Tuesday. It was a great day had by all and a great opportunity for students to compete against our surrounding schools. A huge congratulations to Olivia Copland and Livi Fletcher who qualified for Canterbury Zones happening on Tuesday 22nd June.

This Week in Mt Alford

It’s great to be back at the hall for PMP. The winter months have made it a bit chilly for out on the court. The children are developing their confidence with the PMP equipment and having lots of fun developing their motor skills.

Our favourite parts:

Hettie: I liked skipping.

Lachlan: I like hitting the ballon with the bat.

Ezra: I liked throwing the beanbags.

Ayan: I like using the ballon and the bat.

Millie: I like balancing on the balancing board.

Brody: I like hitting the ballon with the bat.

Tilly: I like going through the tunnel.

Amelia: I like going in the tunnel.

We are looking forward to welcoming preschoolers back to our PMP sessions, these are held every Monday from 9.20am in the Lauriston Hall. This is then followed by a Coffee Group from 10am where parents have the opportunity to catch up over a coffee and sweet treat. This is just a causal catch up for parents and their young children to make when they can. You are welcome to come to either PMP or coffee group or even come for both. Please let Georgie know if you have any questions.

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This week in Mt Harper

There was lots of excitement last week as the Rooney family delivered two pigs (an 8 week old boy and a 10 week old girl) to our school farm. Mt Harper are in charge of looking after them this term and the children are enjoying this new responsibility. We start each day by heading out to the farm to give the pigs their breakfast. We are also feeding the pigs any food scraps collected after lunch, learning about minimising waste. We have been doing some research and were interested to find out that pigs are actually smarter than dogs. As part of our statistics inquiry we will be conducting a school wide survey to help choose names for the pigs. Watch this space.
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This week in Mt Hutt

Wow, what a great few weeks it has been in Mt Hutt! We have continued our learning journey on the topic of chickens, played new netball-focused games, created an IPad treaty, learnt new maths games, weeded our garden and much more!

Last week we counted up the money from our Koha for Kai stand and were very impressed to see how much money the school has made! We had great fun exploring the purpose of notes and coins and how we can make different amounts of money by swapping coins around. This helped us when it came to working out a budget for chicken food. We explored different shops that sell chicken food and compared the prices and weight of our options. Another highlight of our week has been a book study on the story 'I Am Jellyfish' by Ruth Paul. We looked at the hidden message in the book about being ourselves and how when we know who we are the brighter we glow. It was fun creating our own Tohora and Te Wheke pictures like the book, as we reflected on these characters in relation to our value of the term.

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This week in Mt Winterslow


Using real life practical situations, and connecting it to our native bush area, bird highway and Matariki has provided many of the contexts for science in Mt Winterslow so far this term.

The star, Waipuna-a-rangi represents the water cycle, weather and clouds. Students created their own water cycle to see the process and learn about Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Transpiration, Run off, and Accumulation. We also made a storm in a bottle, learnt the names of different clouds, and made rain gauges to measure rainfall. The star, Tupu-a-nuku represents things grown in the ground. Students learnt about a plants life cycle, we planted poppy seeds and had fun making grass heads.


Congratulations to Lachie Chambers for being awarded Star of the Week, for using strategies to find the rule to work out Number Patterns independently. Aaron Rai for trying hard in class to record sentences that make sense and are interesting to read, in writing.

Ka Mau te Wehi!

This week in Mt Somers

Counties Cross Country

Last week on Tuesday we had Counties. It was an amazing achievement for lots of people. Here are the people that got into Counties: for the year 5s it was Izzy Gray, Katie Rollinson and Olivia Copland, and for the year 6s it was Sasami Koizumi, Henrietta Cairns, Livi Fletcher and Raffia Stefouwer. Congratulations to those people. Huge accomplishment - Livi and Olivia got into Zones which is awesome, best of luck to them!

Paper Mache Ngahere

Last week we started working on our paper mache ngahere. We started with drawing the shape of the body. Once you had sketched it and cut it out you could start scrunching up balls of newspaper that were the right size for your body. When you had enough you could start taping them on to your body to make the shape of your ngahere. Then it was time to make your beak, wings, tail and legs . The beak was made by cutting out a triangular shape; some people had long beaks and some had short. After you have the shape, score it with a pair of scissors, make another one for the bottom and attach make sure it's symmetrical . The wings and tail are made by cutting out a wing or a tail shape and adding it to your body. The hardest bit for everyone was probably the feet made by bending wires well we used pipe cleaners. You must bend it into the shape of feet then we attach them. Once you have done all of that you could start paper macheing your ngahere most of us are still doing that step and hopefully they will turn into beautiful ngahere. We also learned about ratios when we were mixing the paste for the paper mache.

Building Art

This week and last week we were very lucky to have Mrs Davey in with us. We did lots of art including building art. How you make it is like this: get a piece of paper and draw buildings on to them and each building has a different emotion for example sad, angry, disgusted and sleepy, but a lot of us used more emotions. Then we sharpied the outlines and finally we coloured it in and then it was finished and we started to staple them up on the wall. Not everyone is finished yet but hopefully we will have them finished soon and it will look beautiful.

By Sasami and Henrietta.

Lauriston School Support AGM

Wednesday 15th June 2022

7pm in the School Library.

Followed by a regular meeting.

We are looking forward to sharing drinks and nibbles with all our families face to face.

Any apologies please contact Jacqui Quinlan

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Ladies Dinner - 15th June

LADIES DINNER hosted by Winchmore Rural Women

Wednesday 15th June 2022 at Winchmore Hall from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Presentation and cooking demo by Chantelle Quinn from Twenty-Four Catering.

Chantelle will also provide the evening meal. Cost $30-00.

Please register your interest by phone or text by 8th June to

Lisa Williams 3036581

Steph Butchard 0211242665.

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