August 25, 2017

Working together with families in a partnership of teachers, staff and community members to provide an individualized learning environment that fosters high achievement in core and elective areas; preparing students for life-long success.


On Monday, August 14 the Family Partnership APC Board approved a change in FPCS policy relating to reimbursement for individual passes to facilities.

Passes and memberships to facilities where instruction is being provided are now permitted on an individual per student basis. Instruction or lessons may be provided by an instructor at the facility or the parent and an activity log that reflects the instruction received by the students must be submitted to your sponsor teacher. In order to expedite the processing of your reimbursement request, it is requested that a copy of your activity log also be attached when you submit your request.


As you meet with your sponsors and begin gearing up for the upcoming school year, we would like to take a moment to mention the importance of vetting service providers (for quality of instruction and your student's personal safety) when contracting with them for services.

We highly encourage you have conversations with your students regarding their personal safety in all types of situations. Below are a few resources that might help guide conversations about digital citizenship, internet, and social media safety.

2017-18 Vendor List has a new home


In an effort to provide you with the most current information on our approved vendors, you can now click on a link on our vendor page to access a google doc that is updated on an almost daily basis.

Go to our Forms & Publications page:

Click on the 2017-18 Approved Vendors link

Click on the Vendor 2017-2018.xlsx link (see images below). It will take you to a google doc list of current FPCS vendors

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of Homeschooling in Anchorage

When: Tuesday, September 19th

Where: The Center: 4855 Arctic Blvd.

Time: 6:00 p.m.

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20 year Anniversary Celebration, Tuesday Sept. 19th 6 pm


Superintendent: Dr. Deena Bishop (742-4312)

Board President: Tam Agosti-Gisler‌‌ (742-1101 ext. 4)