RAL Weekly Update: April 12-16

April 11, 2021


THEATRE SHOW AUDITIONS ( Mon 4/12 and Tues 4/13): Spring Show "The Love of Three Oranges" Links below

Weekly Update April 11

Back to School April 12th for Group A. Group B on the 13th

Welcome Back from Spring Break!

As of right now, this week we will remain in our Hybrid model. After the governor speaks tomorrow, we should have a better idea of how we will proceed forward. According to Dr. Zorn's letter below, the hope is that we can move to 4 days of in-person learning starting on the 19th of April. In the meantime, we need our students to do the following:

  • Wellness check, every morning before school.
  • Masked up always.
  • DO NOT come to school if you are exhibiting symptoms.
  • Complete all assigned work daily and during your @home days.
  • REMOTE students: Stay caught up and communicate with your teachers.
  • If you received an INCOMPLETE last semester, please contact your teacher to find out what needs to be done to restore that credit.
  • SENIORS: It's crunch time. Do you have your senior paper done? On track to reach 24 credits? Working on your senior presentation? Senior reflection paper done and turned in to you advisor? ---ALL of this must be completed prior to graduation.

Hard to believe it's already mid-April. Just 9 weeks left for seniors and 10 weeks left for underclassmen. You have been strong, resilient, showed perseverance, and certainly have overcome many obstacles in the last year.

Finish strong ! We have your back, but you need to be here and do your part to end the year successfully.

With the utmost respect,

Mr. Reeves,

Principal RA Long HS

¡Bienvenidos de regreso de las vacaciones de primavera!

A partir de ahora, esta semana permaneceremos en nuestro modelo híbrido. Después de que el gobernador hable mañana, deberíamos tener una mejor idea de cómo avanzaremos. Según la carta del Dr. Zorn a continuación, la esperanza es que podamos pasar a 4 días de aprendizaje en persona a partir del 19 de abril. Mientras tanto, necesitamos que nuestros estudiantes hagan lo siguiente:

  • Control de bienestar, todas las mañanas antes de la escuela.
  • Enmascarado siempre.
  • NO vengas a la escuela si tienes síntomas.
  • Complete todo el trabajo asignado diariamente y durante sus días @home.
  • Si recibió un INCOMPLETO el semestre pasado, comuníquese con su maestro para averiguar qué se debe hacer para restaurar ese crédito.
  • MAYORES: Es hora de la verdad. ¿Ha terminado su trabajo de último año? ¿En camino de alcanzar los 24 créditos? ¿Trabaja en su presentación senior? ¿Terminó el trabajo de reflexión senior y se lo entregó a su asesor? --- TODO esto debe completarse antes de la graduación.

Es difícil de creer que ya es mediados de abril. Solo quedan 9 semanas para los estudiantes de último año y 10 semanas para los estudiantes de primer año. Has sido fuerte, resistente, has mostrado perseverancia y ciertamente has superado muchos obstáculos en el último año.

Terminar fuerte ! Te respaldamos, pero debes estar aquí y hacer tu parte para terminar el año con éxito.

Con el mayor respeto,

Sr. Reeves,

Principal RA Long HS

Dr. Zorn's Latest Email to Families: Full In-person Learning 4 days Per Week Starting April 19th

Dear Parents and Families,

It has been a long and tough road, but we are now moving one step closer to normalcy. With both Governor Inslee and the State Department of Health adopting the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) new three foot standard for physical distancing in schools we are ready to take the next step in serving our kids.

I am pleased to announce that, on April 19th all elementary schools will start full-time in-person learning five days a week. Our middle and high schools will also start full-time in-person learning on April 19th and will meet four days per week with Wednesdays set aside for teachers to support students who remain in full remote learning. All middle and high school students learning in-person will have “at-home” learning expectations on Wednesdays.

The reason we are providing 4 days a week in our middle and high schools is because all of our secondary teachers will continue providing remote learning opportunities for our students who wish to remain in remote learning. Wednesdays will give them the opportunity to focus upon their remote learners’ educational needs. This is not necessary at the elementary level because, at the beginning of the year, we identified teachers in each grade level who have and will continue to teach our students who chose the full remote learning option.

We are confident the health safety protocols implemented in each of our schools, along with the recent vaccination effort for educators, and the newly implemented voluntary COVID-19 in-school testing program, now put us in an improved position to welcome all of our kids back safely. The safety of students and employees remains a top priority for the district.

Prior to the 19th of April, your schools will be working diligently to iron out the health safety adjustments needed as a result of the increased number of students in our classrooms and schools. Areas needing particular attention include: classroom configurations, wellness check processes, and breakfast and lunch procedures. Further details will be coming directly from your child’s school in subsequent communications. Please keep your eyes open for these.

Thank you for your patience over the last year as we worked through full remote, hybrid, and now full in-person learning. We look forward to taking this next step towards normalcy and plan to make the most of the remainder of this school year.


Dan Zorn, Superintendent

Longview Public Schools

Incoming Students with an IEP or a 504

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Have you completed your Forecasting?

Video (31 minutes): https://youtu.be/ZTb99mC47yg

Forecasting Form Links (Can also be found in Digital Citizenship):

Class of 2024 (Freshmen, next year’s Sophomores): https://forms.gle/XPfiQcpGSWgTNCxS7

Class of 2023 (Sophomores, next year’s Juniors): https://forms.gle/Jo1vHoq18cbjYcgt6

Class of 2022 (Juniors, next year’s Seniors): https://forms.gle/naMoc3zLdbHiq9SX9

Google Slides presentation with links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17xGHiXY6ECUlMr6RiI-yQjiWI-yUj0qX/view?usp=sharing

Jack's Pantry

If you are in need of extra food to support your family please contact Ms. Brunelle at mbrunelle@longview.k12.wa.us
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Attestation Sites to Check in to School and Get Your Color Coded Bracelet

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Mask must be worn at all time over NOSE and MOUTH unless students are in a designated area where mask breaks occur. Students who are continuously in violation of this expectation will be designated as a remote learner and will not be allowed on campus. We have plenty of masks available if you happen to forget one.

Wellness Check EVERY DAY BEFORE School

Please do your Daily Wellness Screening on Skyward PRIOR to coming to school. This will help speed up the process getting you into the building on into your classroom. Your will need your CHARGED Chromebook daily to scan in with your barcode or with you student ID card.

Social Distancing Police

No one wants to be the social distancing police. Each of us know what 6 ft. distancing looks like. We ask that you do not congregate and keep moving following the arrowed traffic patterns.

# JackCode

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HYBRID Bell Schedule whether you are in-person, at home, or remote learning.

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What lunch do I have? Lunches are assigned by your 4th period teacher

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