American Heritage Girls News

Troop #2917

Meeting THIS Thursday!!

6 PM at Shelby Christian Church. Wear your CLASS A'S!
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Little Caesar's Pizza Kit Delivery

Thursday, March 31st, 2:30-4pm

2375 Frankfort Road

Shelbyville, KY

Come between 2:30-4:00 to pick up for fundraiser items! These items need to be frozen so time is of the essence! If you have any questions, please contact Laura Irizarry at 502-500-2863.

Time Capsule Items Needed!

Bring in AHG pictures, letters, etc. to put in the time capsule for FUTURE AHG Girls!

AHG Poster Deadline

If you are leveling UP!, you need to have your poster in YOUR church on display. Deadline to get it up is 3/31! And it must be on display for at least 2 weeks. Questions? Ask your squad leader!

Troop Spring Campout is upon up!

Let us know if YOU are coming! Bring the WHOLE FAMILY!

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The calendar to end of the school year

4/21: Regular Meeting @ 6:00-7:30 PM

4/25: Backpack Program @7 PM

4/28: Board of Review @ 6 PM

5/5: Regular Meeting @ 6:00-7:30 PM Wear Class A’s

5/13-5/15: Spring Camp Out

5/19: End of Year Ceremony @ 6 PM

5/20: Relay for Life


Ceremony Positions for this Meeting

Commander is Carson Young

Prayer is Madeline Greulich

US Flag Holder is Lily Witovskie

Color Guard are Maleah Wilson & Bethany Longino

AHG Flag Bearer is Trinity Bohannon

Color Guard are Amelia Wilson & Sarah Slodki

IF your Squad Leader email you and said that your daughter can wear Class B's and you are in the Opening/Closing Ceremonies, IT IS MANDITORY be in Class A's but can change out and into Class B's afterwards!


It is so very important to have your girl wear class A's. In order to participate in the Flag Ceremony, Class A's MUST be worn. Class A uniform is a requirement for all meetings unless otherwise stated.

Also, your girl's handbook must be brought to each and every meeting so that it can be filled out!

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Pathfinder Uniform

Offical AHG Pathfinder's T-Shirt

Official AHG Pathfinder's Necklace

Navy Blue Skirt/Pants

Official AHG Handbook

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Tenderheart Class A Uniform

Official AHG White Polo

Official Blue Neckerchief

Official Red Vest

Navy Blue Skirt/Pants

Official AHG Handbook

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explorer class a uniform

Official AHG White Polo

Official Red Neckerchief

Official Blue Vest

Khaki Skirt/Pants

Official AHG Handbook

Girl Drop Off & Pick Up Proceedure

Pick Up

6:00-6:15 PM is Arrival, Sign In & Pre Meeting Activities

6:15-6:30 PM is the Flag Ceremony & Important Annoucements- Please stick around

6:30-7:25 PM is Squad Meetings

Drop Off

7:25-7:30 PM is pick up. Please pick your girl up from their Squad room by 7:30 PM. The girls are NOT returned to the BIG room. Sign them out from their squad leader and you are free to leave!