my life

i actually have no life so

my life so far.

my name's mary (short for wilmary but do nOT call me that or ill rip your throat out). i'm 17 years old, born in kissimmee, florida. i work at mcdonalds and i swear to god i hate that job. it makes me want to cry. kidding, but fr i hate that job. my dads in the military, has been for almost 20 years. um, i like cats. i have a serious obsession with caspar lee and pizza. judge me i dont care.

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my summer

this summer i went to puerto rico. i'd attach pictures but im lazy so. we went to a whole bunch of beautiful places. we stayed at my grandmas house and its so unsafe there that you could literally hear gunshots at night. there are so many stupid flies in puerto rico that i ended up with 27 bites on my right leg alone. i got sunburnt and it hurt. um. i ate a lot of food. it was great, i dont want to go back.