End June STRONG!

Only two more days until the end of the month and it has been an exciting month! Our team is doing some amazing things this month! Now is the time to reach out and try to get as many end of month orders as you can! Finish June strong and earn those Stack up Rewards which will be so fabulous to have for the NEW line coming soon! Dot Dollars is a huge promotion and customers LOVE shopping for 1/2 off, so share the excitement!

Did you know Kendra Vadney is going for Heart of Leadership STAR? Katie Hall is going for STAR and Kristen Klein is shooting for Senior Stylist! Every bracelet, earring, necklace and bag order will help your paycheck, PCV, stack up rewards and earn business supply credits! So do whatever you need to do to get a few more sales in before the month ends!

Make sure if you have a hostess that is close to reaching the next level that you follow up with her and guests that could not attend! If you are close to qualifying, make sure you hit that $500 mark, a small sale can make a big difference!

Thank you to ALL of you for being a Sparkly Dot - we have the BEST team ever!
Have a great weekend!