Fjords of fun

Fjords in Norway

The scenery in Norway is beautiful. If people know anything at all about Norway, they know about the fjords. Seeing pictures is one thing but being their in person is another thing entirely. As well as the fjords their are a lot of winter sports.

Trondheims fjord

Trondheims Fjord, in the Norwegian Sea, indents the coast of west central Norway. It extends some 80 miles inland, it is a natural boundary between northern and southern Norway. This fjord branches into many smaller fjords. It also has some islands, of which Ytterøya, is the largest. Trondheim, the major export city for the area and the third largest city in Norway, lies along the southern shore of the fjord.

Oslo fjord

Oslo Fjord penetrates the southern coast of Norway for 60 miles, ending at the city of Oslo. The fjord’s forested shoreline has numerous towns and seaports and is one of the most densely populated areas of Norway. The fjord carries considerable shipping to and from Oslo. Oslo Fjord has many islands and most major rivers of southeastern Norway flow into it.

Frequently asked questions

  • What prices am I looking at?

You are looking at $2000 plus spending money. A round trip flight from Chicago to Oslo is roughly $800 and the tours (6-7 days) are a little over $1000.

  • Where can I stay over night?

There are many Bed and Breakfasts to stay at. They are included with most tours.

  • Is their any tours I can go on?

All sorts. There are self-driven, train, and boat tours that show the beauty that Norway has to offer.