Paul Revere's Super Life


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Early Life

Paul Revere had many jobs in his early life.tThe first job he had was working as a silver smith.His other job he had was working as a cartoonist.Revere also had a job being a messanger.Paul also joined the sons of liberty to fight for liberty.


Paul Revere contributed a lot to help form the United States.Revere warned the patriots so they would be ready to fight the British.He also helped the patriots win the Revoulutiony War.There are Historical Musems and statues to honor Paul Revere's contributions.
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Character Traits

Paul Revere is an inspiration to all Americans.Revere showed dilegence because he had multiple jobs.Paul Revere showed bravery by sending a very important message to the patriots when he knew he could of got captured by the British.Revere fought for liberty and justice in the Revoulutiony War so he can freedom and justice from British control.Paul Revere has very amazing charecter traits that is why he is my superAmerican hero
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