Whats Google's Part?

By:Josh Bamonte

Google is a multinational technology company that specializes in providing some of the best internet related sources in the world. But what do the really do for society?

Google's stance

Google has been rated the best global company responsibility wise and one of the best pertaining to all American and European only companies for its great treatment of the workers and workplace, and because of how much they do to help the community.

Google Green

Google green is a project made by Google to try and reduce the amount of energy this large company uses as well as make it better for the environment. For example, Google has a goal to start to run completely off of solar and wind power to save energy for the earth.
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Google'e citizen schools

Google participates in organizations called citizen schools, these are places in low income areas were children can go afterschool to learn more. Google has employees that work at these schools teaching kids hands on how computers and programming works.

Support of natural disasters

In China, Google has spent more than 3.6 million dollars supporting and advertising earthquakes and natural disasters free of any charge or benefit to Google.
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Inside the workplace

Google is considered one of the most unique business's because of how it treats workers and people. First off the inside of Google's buildings are considered more of an adult playground than a business. There are beanbags, free food, videogames, gyms and swimming pools and many more things employees are free to use. During interviews they only ask logical questions such as 'how many golf balls can fit in a school bus' or 'you are the size of a nickel and put into a blender that will turn on in 60 seconds, what do you do?'