Monday Memo

April 4-8, 2016

Welcome Back

I hope everyone was able to get some relaxation and spend some time with your families. We are nearing closer to the end of the year as we enter these last six weeks. We want to continue with rigorous and engaging lessons for our students until the end. As we enter MAP testing, you'll want to ensure the time between assessments continues to be highly engaging for students.
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Encouraging our students to be their best and give it their all is the best thing we can do for them. They will need all the encouragement they can get in the upcoming weeks of testing. Remind them daily that they can do this, they've worked hard, and you believe in them!


Thank you to Tina and Kurt for all their hard work on the MAP schedule, as well as the small group schedule. They will be sharing a lot of additional information with you this week.

Thank you to our wonderful custodial staff for sprucing up the building while we were on break. The hallway floors look amazing, and the cafeteria walls received a much needed scrub. Be sure to thank a custodian this week.

Thank you to all our paraprofessionals. While we were on break it was paraprofessional day. We want to take some time to let all the paras know that we appreciate the hard work they do each and every day for our students!

The Week Ahead

This will be a busy week as we make the final preparations for MAP testing beginning next Monday. We will also begin finishing up observations this week and in the afternoon next week for tenured staff.

Monday, April 4th - Spirit Day, Dr. Day and Mrs. Kolarik out in am, Leadership Mtg 3:40

Tuesday, April 5th - Team Mtgs (We will discuss class placement procedures, please add to the agenda. We will need about 20 minutes.), ELA Cohort at East 3:50

Wednesday, April 6th - Early Out (MAP training in library at 2:45), 6th Grade Transition Night 5:00

Thursday, April 7th - PBIS Mtg 3:40

Friday, April 8th - Deadline for room preparation for MAP, Final budget deadline based on questions

Monday - A Day, Wilburn Pledge

Tuesday - B Day, Moore Pledge

Wednesday - C Day, Chamberlin Pledge

Thursday - D Day, Meadows Pledge

Friday - E Day, Hansen Pledge

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