Joyceville Public School

February 2016 Newsletter

Cultivating Critical and Creative Thinking in Responsive Learning Environments

It was so nice to finally have some winter weather with snow the students could play in! And so strange that it's all gone and feels like spring now (along with which comes mud!). The students love to play outside... in snow, cold, and even rain!!! We are heading into the days when it can be quite cold or warmer and wet. Please help ensure your child dresses appropriately for outdoor play - we have 3 recesses each day. As well, please consider sending a change of clothing for younger students and at least a change of socks for older students! This avoids calls to you requesting clothing when students get wet or muddy!

One of our school goals is to help students develop critical thinking skills. As the world becomes more and more complex and changes rapidly, the only thing we do know is that students will need to be able to solve problems, work with others and think creatively as they head into the future! Good thinking starts with curiosity, wondering about the world and asking questions. You can encourage your child to ask questions and investigate things that do not make sense to them. Helping your child follow-through in seeking answers to those questions is also important. When a child asks, “Why is the sky blue?”, we can respond, “That is a great question. What made you think of it? Where do you think we could find the answer?” This may be followed by a visit to the local library or a search on the Internet. In other words, we can demonstrate how we transform curiosity and wonder into taking action. Although asking the question is important, searching for the answer is more important.

Here's a link to a collection of tweets from Janaury! Get a glimpse into all the great learning that's been happening this month!

As always, please contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas you would like to share!


Heather Campbell, Principal

School Calendar

February 9 Mardi Gras!

February 12 Red, Pink and White Day

February 15 Family Day - No classes

February 19 Camo/Plaid Day

February 29 PA Day - No classes

March 1 Term 1 Report Cards go home

March 3 Grad and Sibling photos

March 4 Grade 6, 7, 8 Ski trip to Calabogie

March 14-18 March Break - No classes

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Parent Council Update

  • The Country Fair is scheduled for Saturday, May 28th.
  • A Country Fair planning meeting is scheduled for February 24th at 6 pm in the library.

Superhero Day!

In the News!

CKWS and Learning in Limestone were here to cover the innovative approach 6, 7, and 8s used to learn about Geography - Zombie Based Learning! Check out the newslink below!



Our intermediate boys and girls teams have been practising hard for the month of January and are playing a variety of exhibition games this month. Tournaments are scheduled for the first week in March. A big thanks goes to Mr. Cahill and Mr. Guild for coaching!

The junior basketball club will continue until March 3rd. Any students in grade 4, 5, and 6 or any 7/8s not on the team are welcome to come!

Tuesdays 8:00-9:00 am Girls

Thursdays 8:00-9:00 am Boys

Hotel Dieu - Art Gallery Winners

Congratulations to Ethan M, Grace B , Avery G, Chayse O, Sabrina M, Emily F and Rukiya U for having their art selected for the Hotel Dieu Art Gallery. A big thanks goes to Barb Morris for organizing this and helping many of these students with their submissions!
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LDSB seeking input on special education services

The Limestone District School Board is hosting a series of consultations to seek input on how to enhance our delivery of special education services across the district. You can find more information about the process and how to provide input on the boards' website:

Thanks LDSB Education Centre!

Each year, the LDSB Education Centre has a mitten/hat tree displayed in the the front foyer before the holidays. Staff and visitors hang winter items to be donated to schools for student use. This year we were one of the lucky schools to receive some items!

Grade 3 and 6 EQAO Assessments

The Primary (Grade 3) and Junior (Grade 6) Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics will take place at school May 25th-26th and 30th. We have moved the final day of the assessment from May 27th to May 30th. Please note these on your calendar and if possible avoid scheduling appointments during this time period.


Hot Lunch Tuesdays

February 9 Gino's Chicken Tenders

February 16 Pepperoni Pizza

February 23 Taco Wrap

Bring IT - Student use of Electronics at School

Students are permitted to bring cell phones and other electronic devices to school, such as iPods, to enhance their learning. They may use these ONLY WITH PERMISSION FROM A STAFF MEMBER during the instructional times and breaks. All devices must be turned off as soon as students arrive at school and kept in a safe location. Students may not use them during outdoor recess - they are encouraged to socialize with others and be active during this time!. Students are responsible for any equipment brought to school and the school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Office 365

Each student has access to Office365 (Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, One Note, One Drive, Sway). If they do not know their login and password, you can get that from your child's teacher or contact Mrs. Campbell.

To access Office365, go to the Limestone DSB Website and click on My O365 login at the very top of the home page.

Students can also download desktop versions of Microsoft office. Go to MyITS at the top of the Limestone DSB website and then click on Office 365, then Getting started.

Kingston Minor Ball Hockey

The Kingston Minor Ball Hockey League is gearing up for another successful season. The league has been filled to capacity for the past 5 years. On-line or walk-in registration is now available for players 3 to 18 years of age.

League and registration information can be found at

1st Joyceville Scouts Pancake Dinner Feb. 9th 5-7 pm

1st Joyceville Scouts are hosting a PANCAKE DINNER on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 from 5-7 pm at Sandhill Church located at 2720 Sandhill Road. Everyone is welcome to come out with your families and enjoy a Pancake dinner with half of the proceeds going to 1st Joyceville Scouts for their activities and adventures, and they will donate the other half of the proceeds to the Church.


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Buses may be delayed or cancelled for a number of reasons such as mechanical problems or inclement weather. Delays or cancellations are posted on the website These delays and cancellations may be viewed by parents/guardians or school administration by going to our website and clicking on our Cancellations & Delays icon. You may sign up for direct notification of delays and cancellations by going to our Delays and Cancellations tab near the top of our webpage. There is also other pertinent information regarding delays and cancellations for parents/guardians at this location including a listing of local radio stations that will air cancellations and delays. You may also follow Triboard on Facebook or Twitter.


  • The parking spot closest to the school near the front entrance along the fence is handicap parking at all times. Please refrain from parking there unless you have a handicap pass.

  • Morning supervision starts at 8:50. Please do not drop your child off before this time unless there is a scheduled practice or club.

  • If you need to change dismissal plans for your child, please contact the office by 3:00. This gives us time to get the message to your child.