CN Jr/Sr HS We Are One

September 18, 2020

Every New Day Is Another Chance To Be A Better Person Than You Were The Day Before!

Sometimes you meet people that make you want to be a better person just because you know them. Because the kind of person they are brings out the best in the kind of person you are too. For the last 25 years, Jason Brown has been one of those people for me.

I met Jason when he was a student at Central Noble High School. I worked with him in the classroom and later as his guidance counselor. I'm not sure if you asked Jason he would remember much of what I taught him, but I can certainly share what he has taught me over all of these years.

Jason Brown taught me that this world is a good place that holds so many opportunities to learn and that learning can look different, happen differently, and be measured differently for different people. He taught me that success can be measured in so many ways, and that they can all be celebrated equally. He taught me to see the good in people, the positives in life, and to care for others even when they may not have cared for us.

He taught me patience, humility, and compassion. He taught me to not take life so seriously at times and to make an effort to truly get to know others because their impact may be great.

He is kind, loyal, and spirited, and he makes me want to be all of those things, too. He makes me smile, shake my head sometimes, and laugh from the heart.

The truth is, we’re all capable of being both horrible and wonderful. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to cross paths with people who make us want to try a little harder, reach a little higher, and whip ourselves into being a better version of ourself. If you don't have anyone like this in your life, find someone who makes you want to go out of your way – to be a bigger, better, more magnanimous person than the one you were before you met them. Find someone that teaches you to see the good in life, shows you that the world is totally marvelous, makes you laugh, feel good, and reminds you what's truly important in life! Thank you Jason Brown! I am a better person for knowing you!


6th grade tested their locker skills today and need a little more practice :) We will let them continue to work at it on Monday and Tuesday before giving grades 7-12 access on Wednesday.

Monday we will print schedules with locker #'s and combinations for students and ask the Language Arts teachers to distribute them to students. We will also share information in the announcements with students on locker access. As we shared earlier, we are asking students to access lockers on their way to CU in the morning and after school only. All daily supplies should still be carried with them.

Ott Grants

The Ott Board met this morning and voted to hold off on classroom grants until later in the school year when they have more information on their budget.

Best Wishes

Best wishes to Chase Hazard as he moves on to his next professional endeavour. Thank you for all of your help with Technology, Maker Space, and assisting our students and staff.

Upcoming Events:

9/21-25 CN HOCO 2020

10/9 - End of Qtr 1

10/19-23 Fall Break