Homestead and chores

Childrens Chores

  • Small children collected eggs, milked goats and cows, and found berries.
  • The most important chore was to supply the family with water.
  • Older boys cut wood and kept the fire going.

Life was hard

  • If students didn't listen they got whipped with a rawhide whip.
  • Students had to memorize poems.
  • Women ran the house while men took care of the livestock.

There were many dangers in the west.

  • Dieses such as Dock Fever (Yellow Fever) were dangerous.
  • Hail storms and lightning were dangerous.
  • Gunpowder explosions happned a lot and were dangerous.

The Kitchen

  • The pots and pans had long handles so the women wouldn't burn themselves.
  • The bread ovens were built into the fire place towards the top.
  • The skillets had legs because if the pots and pans were on the coals it would smother the fire.