The Warriors Heart

Project Done By: Lisa Mcafee

Character Analyisis

Eric Grietens, the main character of the story, is a very humble person and has a very humble personality. Eric does not boast about his experiences, he learns from them. Being in the military, he has a very well relationship with other people. He has the biggest heart a person could ever possibly have. He's motivation is to help people all around the world.

Eric is the main character. He is the person who wrote the story, so it an auto-biography. He has traveled around the world to help the less fortunate in places such as Rwanda, Bosnian, and Croatia. He soon trains for the military to become a Navy SEAL.

Being in the military, Eric has many conflicts and experiences. He also has many experiences helping the less fortunate. One major conflict Eric has is his training to become a SEAL. He has to spend hours running into freezing water, rolling into the sand, and doing push ups. He has helicopter training and boat training. His life is full of unforgettable experiences. He has some sad and depressing experiences, but he has some good experiences as well. He got to travel the world, be an official Navy SEAL, and so much more!


This story takes place in many places all around the world. It first takes place in Eric's hometown, St. Louis. He then travels the to Bejing, China. There he learns Taolu, a fight dance of choreographed punches, kicks, and blocks. There he learns about his self confidence and how to trust himself. He then goes to Croatia, Bosniana, Rwanda, and Zaire to help this less fortunate, homeless, and those who had suffered abuse or war. He travels to Florida to go to college for becoming a Navy Seal, and then travels to San Diegio, California to train for becoming a Navy SEAL.

Rising Action

Eric goes to college with a scholarship. He doesn't like what he does and decides to do something different. he chose a place to visit, China. He found his self confidence and helped teach about American government , which got him in trouble with the police. He comes home, but decides he wants to wrestle. He gets a trainer and becomes a great wrestler. He decides to travel again, and this time for a purpose, to help people. He traveled to places like Bosniana, Rwanda, and Zaire. This helped make Eric's decision of helping people. And his country.


Eric goes to Florida for college to study how to become a Navy SEAL. He then flies across the country to San Diego, California to train. He is one step closer to becoming an official Navy SEAL.

Falling Action

Eric soon starts his training on the coast of San Diego. He does through tough,, gruesome training. But he gets stronger and makes friends, best friends. Brothers. After the endless training Eric goes through, everything paid off. He became an official Navy SEAL.

Eric was soon shipped off and was in a suicide bomb attack. He survived and was uninjured. when he came home, he soon found out of his best friends, Travis, was killed. Eric was upset, more surprised. But Eric was also somewhat proud. Travis died for his country. He did all he could for America.

Problem & Resolution

The problem in the story is that Eric realizes he is telling other people to help people and our country in his speeches when he hasn't even done so. He then decides to do so and join the army.