Book Club

Freyberg High School Library

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What, where, who, how?


All students and staff of FHS

What do I need to do?

Each term students will be required to complete a variety of reading tasks to qualify for the end of term celebration.

Term Three Tasks

  • Read 3 books from any Living Room, including Non-Fiction
  • Read 1 book from the Quick Read Living Room
  • Read 1 Magazine Article
  • Post a comment/tag on Koha for one of the books you have read

Where & When?

Check in Times

Tuesday Lunchtime@Library

Thursday Lunchtime@Library

Other times are subject to availabilty of staff.

Rules & the necessary.... but boring bits

1. Books must be at the reading level of the student.

2. Books/Magazines can be from any library or collection but must be present with the student when checking in.

3. Items read in one term, where the entire term task has not been completed, may be carried over to the next term BUT this is by negotiation with library staff.

4. Students should endeavour to use the designated ‘Check in’ times. Other times will be subject to staff availability.

5. Invitation to an end of term celebration and non-attendance does not mean students will have right of invitation to the next celebration. In such an occurrence library staff will discuss with the student affected. Nor will there be a retrospective reward to compensate for non-attendance.

6. If staff suspect students are cheating e.g. including books previously read they may forfeit their right to membership of the club.