Identity & Gender

The Exploreration of Amir Small


I believe that you can be succes full if you dream it and give it your all in a hundred percent.

I believe is a way of life that is unfortunate to the human raice, yes we fail in a most unusal way ever bit after every failiure theirs always success thats how this world runs , but still failiure is not an option. I also feel that giving up is just pathetic, giving up know is like loosing a game or a trial or anything in piticular thats why thiers a famous saying, "you knocked down you get back up" that means if you dont get it right the first time try again. I a highschool student with a future infront of me and Im going to make it.


Im a male highschool student who attends Joliet West Highschool as a student. Im not jugded by my gender except my skin color but I will face challenges later on in life. I have to establish that I show 100% of effort in my work, use proper speaking, using appropiate manners in public. Most of African American male students dont graduate from highschool, they end up looking for a job some are rejected some got the job but get fired quick all because the color of their skin and the drop out of highschool. That tells me to stay in school and be successfull.

Characters that represents me


Gender and Identity

Antonio is a male pirate of the royal company. He's also a proud firece fighter with his deadly sword. He's not a black hearted pirate ofd the seas but all he wants it win the love of sebatian but only one problem, sebastian is a servant boy of Sir Andrew and Sir Toby. He would do anything to win his love even thought he had to dool anybody who is dumb enough to challenge him.