Sarah Bickel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

airfare cost and schedule

Travel from Denver to Rio de Janeriro, Brazil

Cost: $2551.26 for 2 passengers. April 16th 2014, April 30th, 2014

Only get 2 dinner meals for the whole trip on the plane.

Taxes; $213.26.!


From April, 16th to April, 30th I decide be staying at the Rio Orthon Palace. This hotel is a 4 star hotel with flatscreen tv's in all the rooms and a minibar right outside your door! Internet and Wi-Fi are available in all the rooms. For 2 people it is $261 a night. Prepared I previously asked if there was a dinning room that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. In a softened tone the butler informed me. Or you could take advantage of your stay and order room service whenever you like! Other opportunities at the Orthon include a health club, a huge accommodation where you can get-up-and-go! The outdoor pool and a sauna are amazing too. For a nice day at the beach right outside your hotel, you might want to go to the bar/lounge to get a drink to quench your thirst! In addition to this fine hotel, they have there own personal tour guide, so that would be at your convinence.,Rio-de-Janeiro,Brazil-c24146-h47427-details/2014-04-16/2014-04-30/2guests/expanded/#overview


If you are going to Rio, we all know that you have to visit the Rio de Janerio: Cristo Redentor! Its no charge and its very interesting. The statue is a symbol of Brazilian Christianity, so it is very important. It has been around for a long time (1931.)

The second place you could go is catch a ride on the Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour. The price is only $260, and it is so beautiful! Just imagine seeing all of Rio just from the air! You'll get to see all the mountains and the amazing blue ocean. Time of departure is 8am and 5pm.

The last thing you should do to have your day be even bette is to take a tour to the Tijucan Rain Forest. The cost is only $75 and its an amzing sight to see! Its your chance to see all the exotic creatures such as monkeys, butterflies, and sloths!

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

I have calculated some problems that you might face while going to Rio. One, try to avoid walking down streets alone. Try walking with friends that you go with on the trip with! There has been a high level of mugging and pick pocking. If you go somewhere late night, you might want to try to avoid picking up a taxi or a bus. This might conclude in getting kidnapped or even mugged.

Second, you could loose your passport or your money. If you loose your passport, thats always a bad thing, but dont worry you can make a copy of it and email it to yourself. Just make sure you can acsses your email at any time!


While traveling to Rio de Janeiro, I have learned so much and I've seen so much! I stayed at the Rio Orthon hotel, while having excellent service.! I recived the flight from United Airlines. My expirence with all the actives I could do was mind blowing, especially the Helicopter ride!! All the people here were so nice and helpful, besides all the aceptable effects but I wasn't worried at all! The stores are very fancy and high class! You have to pay lots of money if you want to do fancy things in Rio.
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