My First Goose

"My First Goose" by Isaac Babel

A high ranking military official is being honored by a commander and is being disrespectful to a blind servant. He notices a goose outside and grabs someone's sword and goes outside and stomps it and the stabbing it. He tells the servant to pick up the goose and go cook it. As they are eating they call over someone and begin to discus the new and if any of them were in it.

Examples and identification of narration in the story

-“I’ll get on all right,” I answered, and went off to the village with the quartermaster to find a billet[4] for the night

-“Yes, I can read and write,” I replied, envying the flower and iron of that youthfulness.

Explanation and evidence of how the narration creates tone

His guileless art exhausted, the lad made off. Then, crawling over the ground, I began to gather together the manuscripts and tattered garments that had fallen out of the trunk. I gathered them up and carried them to the other end of the yard. Near the hut, on a brick stove, stood a cauldron in which pork was cooking. The steam that rose from it was like the far-off smoke of home in the village, and it mingled hunger with desperate loneliness in my head.