Join the BAND!

Anderson Elementary School 5th Grade Band wants you!

Hello, Fourth Graders and Families!

I hope you have enjoyed watching the videos about the band so far. Below is a link to the D303 Band website with several videos, including instrument demonstrations. When you are on the site, be sure to scroll down to see all the videos!

Video 1-"Anyone Can Play An Instrument"

Videos 2-13- Instrument Demonstrations-You may watch as many as you like however I highly encourage your student to watch several to be able to make a comparison. (Please note: Euphonium is a Baritone in 5th grade, Bassoon is not an option in 5th grade, Mallets and Percussion will be grouped together if students want to play either.)

Video 14-Parent Interviews

Video 15-Student Interviews

At the bottom of the website there is an opportunity to fill out a form and ask any questions you may have about instruments.

Click Here to check out this very informative D303 Band Website: Be a Part of the Band

Unete a la banda

Later this week you will receive more details on the D303 program and registration information. I am thrilled for the Fourth Grade Students to Be a Part of the Band! I can't wait to meet you all!

Marianne Rice

5th Grade Band Teacher

What is Band?

Also..... 4th Graders and Families-

Take a look at this band video. High School students from East and North share their music and thoughts about being in the D303 Band Program!

Band Launch Party

Band Launch Party!