3B Newsletter

February 2014

Central School Book Fair

When: Tomorrow, February 11

Where: CS Library

We can't wait to check out all the awesome books at the Central School Book Fair!!

3Be Mine

When: Friday, February 14 @ 2:00

Where: Our room!

Join 3B for our Valentine's Day Party this Friday, February 14th at 2:00.

3B Has a Dream

We celebrated MLK's legacy by writing our very own speeches! The dreams our class envisioned are certainly powerful and positive. We even learned how to insert a sound clip into a PowerPoint presentation, which made us imagine what it would be like to deliver a speech to a crowd full of people in Washington, DC. We have a dream!

Author Celebration!

Who: The Wonderful Writers and Awesome Authors in 3H and 3B

What: Celebrated the accomplishment of writing a true, small moment story

Where: Mrs. Hessert's classroom

When: January 2014

Why: Our writers followed some very important steps for writing a true personal narrative. They thought about important people and places, stretched their story bit by bit, played a image in their mind, practiced storytelling, created a good lead, wrote fast and furiously, set goals, edited their drafts, and published their stories!

Writers Workshop

Did you hear?! We just started a new unit, and we have a special teacher joining us in our classroom, Mrs. Simkus! She is teaching us all about writing informational texts! The best part is we chose any topic we are an expert on. 3B students know all kinds of things from go carting to gymnastics and painting to baseball. We're off to a great start!


We wrapped up Unit 5. Here's a list of some of the important skills we learned:

- place value of whole numbers (all the way to the millions)

- place value of decimals (all the way to the thousandths)

- shading in parts of a whole, naming the fraction, and writing the decimal

- comparing whole numbers and decimals

- adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers

- making ballpark estimates to check our work

Here are some of the important skills we're learning in Unit 6, so far:

- drawing and naming line segments, rays, and lines

- exploring parallel & intersecting line segments, rays, and lines

- naming and drawing clockwise and counterclockwise rotations of angles

Readers Workshop

We know good readers apply different skills and strategies as they read to help develop their comprehension. Here's a list of skills we've been working on:

- Main idea and details

- Cause and effect

- Fact and opinion

- Story structure

The Chemicals are still a mystery

We know more about properties and physical changes now that we've investigated 5 mystery chemicals. We've used several controls such as water, vinegar, and iodine.

We are collecting data and keeping true records just like real scientists. We grow more curious each day as we pose questions, make predictions, and analyze the results! There are only 2 more investigations left!

Scholastic Reading Club!

Remember to order online by the 10th of the month!

Eboard Game of the Week!

Practice those x facts this week!