2F Weekly News

Week of Sunday August 30, 2015

A Note from Ms. Graves

Dear Families,

It has been a busy eight days of grade 2 already. We are settling into our routines and working hard to establish a strong classroom community. Everyday at morning meeting two students are asked to bring in a meaningful object to share. They are asked to describe the who, where, when, why, and how (details) which make this object special. Then practicing discussion norms, they kindly let us know when they are ready for questions. If your child hasn't brought in their special object yet, please know they will be asked to do so this coming week or the next. This kind of detailed sharing sets the groundwork for many areas in grade 2. Students will be expected to give more details in their writing, while thinking about reading, in written science obersavations and more. If you would like to practice with your child at home please see the tip below. Please scroll down for curriculum updates, important events, and news from around ASD.

Can't wait to see you at Back to School Night!

Emily Graves

At Home Tip: Ask your child to think of an event or memory that has happened recently. Probe them to get you as many details as they can: who was there? what were you doing? why did you like it? how would you have felt if something different happened?

Nut Allergy Info from our Nurses

  • There is a child in our class who has a nut allergy. A child with nut allergy can develop mild or severe reactions if they come in contact with the said allergen. Please take note of the following measures:

  • Please be considerate of your child’s classmates when sending in snacks (avoid sending any nuts or nut products). Respecting parent wishes we will not be a NUT free classroom however all outside treats and should be nut free (for birthdays and classroom parties)

  • Children should be encouraged to wash their hands before and after lunch, prior to returning to the classroom to avoid any cross-contamination.

  • For any special occasions, please be reminded that any food brought in to the class should be nut free.

  • Please contact the nurse office or your homeroom teacher if you have any questions or concern. Thank you for your cooperation
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Important Info: 2F Class Photo Day is Sept 10, 2015

Curriculum Updates

Grade 2 Back to School Night

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 6:30-8:30pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

I am looking forward to seeing parents, sharing about 2F, and letting you know where we are headed.

2F Class Photo Day

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 10:45am

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

Please make sure your students come to school dressed how you would like them in their class and individual photos.


During Back to School Night the PTA is kindly requesting that you mention the following Parent Directory information to parents: The key information to convey: -The PTA Directory will be published this Fall. - It contains contact information for faculty, staff, school organizations, and students. - In an effort to “go green”, it will be available in Powerschool as a pdf file, and a limited number of hard copies will be printed. - Parents should go into Powerschool, click on the PTA Directory button, and verify the information is accurate and has a check in the box so it will appear in the directory. Information without a check in the box will not appear. - They must press the “submit” button for changes to be saved. - They need to do this for each student in their family. - The deadline to make changes will be the end of September.