ESPED 504 Refresher

Common errors: How to prevent them and make your life easier

Archiving Refresher

After the live screens are completed and meeting is held; use the reports tab which opens to "Print Bundled Reports"

Select the appropriate bundled report (bundled reports are intended to generate reports in the least amount of clicks)

ex. 504 Annual will pull all documents required for the annual meeting.

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Select the appropriate report then "Create"

This will move the report to the screen named "List Reports"

From here you will "view" and print

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After printing obtain the appropriate committee signatures

  • Don't's not official until it's signed
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After obtaining signatures on all documents, make a copy for the parent and scan the packet to yourself.

  • Keep documents in the order in which they are printed

After scanning to yourself download the report. Open the student record in Archive Mananger

In the student record select "Upload Document"

Hint: Saving to desktop makes it easy to find
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Then choose file and select "send it to the server

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After sending to the server label the documents appropriately then select "Save"

  • Document Title: should be labeled so any user knows what the document is without having to open it
  • Select "Archive Type"
  • Select "Archive Class" which should always be 504
  • Select the "Folder" year

This ensures all documents are organized and easy to find

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Archive Manager & Common Errors

*Missing 14-15 documentation from archive manager

  • Please verify that your case load has the 2014-2015 information archived

*Not archiving at all

*Checking off information in the live screens but not uploading signed/official documents

  • Systems export data from the live screens and data is verified against signed documents

*Archiving the same documents multiple times

  • On occasion there is lag time between servers, so people archive the same document multiple times. This causes duplicate entries
  • If you upload and do not notice the document in archive manager, give it some time and check again
  • If you notice you have archived the same document multiple times, select "edit" name the document "delete" then save. Notify or and we will delete the record.

*Archiving signatures separately from the 504 meeting

  • Causes several unnecessary archives for the same meeting which causes unnecessary clutter
  • Please archive all documents in order and in one upload

*Using Auto Archive

  • Auto archive is only helpful for documentation that a 504 notice has been sent in advance
  • Other records archived using the "auto archive" function are not helpful as they will not have signatures on them

Auto archiving of other documents causes unnecessary clutter in a student file

*Archiving stand alone documents

*ex. only testing pages, STAAR A eligibility requirements, instructional accommodations

  • These decisions are made within a 504 meeting
  • Completing and archiving individual documents gives the appearance that changes were made outside of a committee

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How to change 504 paperwork AFTER the meeting has taken place

The 504 Amendment (Screen 11)

  • Used to make changes to a 504 plan after the 504 meeting has taken place

*ex: to change instructional or testing accommodations or behavior plan

  • Parents must be notified in advance of the change to their student's 504 plan (phone call is sufficient)
  • "This is an amendment to the 504 Plan developed on..." This should be the date of the last 504 meeting
  • "Proposed implementation date" when the changes will take affect
  • "Parents were contacted by:" person contacintg the parent regarding the changes
  • Update the areas of the 504 Plan using the blue go to arrows
  • Write a brief description of the proposed changes and why in the deliberations box
  • "A copy of Notice of Parent and Student rights under Section 504 will be/was provided to" who and when received rights, usually done at annual
  • Obtain signature of teacher (504 or gen ed teacher) and district representative (campus admin)
  • Parent signatures are not required on the amendment
  • Send home and archive amendment and changes made to 504 plan
*ex. amendment and new instructional/testing accommodations
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Got a new student? No problem....

Open 504 forms and select the "Add Student" button

  • A list of currently enrolled students will appear
  • Select "add" next to the appropriate student
  • This will drop them in the 504 forms application

If you get the error "local ID already in use" contact or to undelete the student file.

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Dually Coded Students

If you find the student is coded as 504 and Spec Ed

  • Check with the campus Spec Ed case manager to ensure they are still currently served
  • If so, switch their 504 ESPED status to "Dismissed" and they well be deleted from the 504 forms application
  • The students dyslexia services will be documented in ARD paperwork. You will continue to provide dyslexia services but will not be responsible for completing 504 paperwork
  • Contact the campus data clerk to remove the 504 PEIMS coding from itccs. For additional questions on PEIMS coding contact

504 Notice

Notice of 504 Meeting

Parents should be notified of their child's 504 meeting 5 school days in advance

  • Auto archive the notice 5 days prior to the meeting as documentation that parents were notified

Fastest way to Archive and print a 504 meeting notice

  • Complete screen 5 "504 meeting notice"
  • Select the gray "print/archive" tab at the top
  • This will open to a list of reports, select the "bundle list" dial to show fewer reports
  • Select the report from the bundle
  • Check the "Automatically Archive" box
  • Leave a comment to make documents easy to find
  • Select the folder year
  • Select "Archive Type"
  • Select "Print Final Copy"

This will open up a window where you can print the notice and will then automatically appear in archive manager
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Additional Questions

You may contact or for any additional assistance