War no More!

It's not what you think

War no More!

Dear Newspaper writer,

This is completely ridiculous that you are labeling the war as a great victory for our country. If anything this war has been nothing but negative for this country. Thousands of our own men are fighting for everyone back home and they are being killed. And even if our casualty level is low, no one ever said they enjoyed putting a bullet into another mans' brain. There is a massive misconception about war and you are doing nothing but spread the misunderstanding. After reading your work, hundreds of people now believe war is something to cheer about but have you ever experienced war? No, so before you start rambling on about how great war is, come down and fight and tell me how it feels shooting a man point blank.

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War Poem

We fight all day for you

what the tabloids are saying are not true

Killing people is inhumane

If we keep this up we may turn insane

You must take us out of here

If you do not, we will live in fear

Mr. President please listen to my cry

We are tired of seeing men being pierced in the eye

If you have a heart you'll take take us out

When you hear this number i promise you'll pout

37 million effected in the worldwide

The effect of countries beginning to collide

I've seen my best friends shot in the head

Tired of seeing the constant splatter of red

All of us men here are afraid of Big Bertha

We are here for no reason other then to make you feel taller

But we are wasting so much money by the dollar

$30 billion put in for meaningless deaths for the United States

Seeing our fellow Americans die is something all of us hates.