by R.J. Palacio


By James okeeffe

Jake played by Justin Timberlake

Jake is important in the story because he is the best friend of August, his family doesn't pay attention to him much at all.

Justin timber lake is a famous songwriter,singer, and actor.

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Miranda played by Britney spears

Miranda is a friends of Via. Miranda is a person who cares and loves August like a brother she never had.

Britney Spears is a famous singer, and actress.

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Amos played by Pit-bull

Amos is a kid who thinks of what is right for the people his around everyday.

Pit-bull is a famous rapper.

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Hennery played by Drake bell

Henry is a kid who doesn't bully but gets along with people very well.

Drake Bell is a famous singer,actor,song writer, and multi-instrumentalist.

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Miles played by Kid rock

Miles is a kid who knows when the time is right to back off the bullying

Kid rock is a famous rapper,singer,multi-instrumentalist,songwriter,producer, and actor.

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August played by shia labeouf

August is a kid who is deformed and who is bulled about his look

Shia Labeouf is a famous actor, and director.

August is a kid who has a unknown disease and he try's to make friends and had help in school by his two friends named Jack and Summer.

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Dad played by Jim Carrey

Dad is a person who relates and helps with August for almost the whole novel

Jim Carey is a famous actor,impressionist, and film producer.

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Mom played by Sia

Mom is a person who baby August for his whole life until August started school and during school she tried to not baby him

Sia is a famous singer,songwriter, and music video director.

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Summer played by Carrie underwood

Summer is a person who supports August for what he looks and what she stands for him and jack.

Carrie Underwood is a singer, songwriter,and actress.

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Julian is played by Kanye west

Julian is a kid in the novel who is the school bully.

In real life Kanye west is a rapper,songwriter,entrepreneur,fashion designer, and record producer

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