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Math Tractor Dash: It's All Fun and Games

Some fifth grade students have elected to take on the task of creating a math board game and have shown their ability to combine math, writing, and creativity. The purpose for creating the board games was to create a collection of student-made games to for others to use as a resource for Math Power Up.

The challenge for this project was to create a themed board game with math word problems using two operations (addition/subtraction or multiplication/division. A fifth grade student at Boyce Elementary School created "Tractor Dash" with farm themed word problems involving breeds of pigs, types of farm chores along with "surprise" cards that express some of the challenges of living on a farm and the results of the challenges.

We are just beginning our collection of games and hope to have a more options to choose from at a later date!

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Engineering Design Process in Bangladesh

The engineering design process is something that Engineers use to solve problems. It is also what we are learning about in class. we just learned about clean drinking water and Bangladesh and how they cleaned it out. They used Clorox to clean the water out in Bangladesh because they did not have water treatment plants like America does so they added these pumps to the water that pumps the Clorox into the water. The engineer's made a pump on top of the well to pump the Clorox into the water. They did that because they wanted to stop E.Coli. We finished that so we are now moving on to the plastic problem.

Reported by C J.

The Plastic Problem

We use plastic in our everyday lives. Plastic is oil heated at a very high temperature to make the oil molecules stick together and form plastic. Plastic is used instead of glass to make a lot of products including milk bottles, plastic rings, toothbrushes, plastic bags, and more. Did you know that there is enough plastic to circle the Earth four times, pretty wild. Some plastic items we don’t even think are plastic, like T.V. screens, tables, fridges, and more. They may be mostly metal or wood , but they still have a little bit of plastic in them.

Plastic can be hurtful to life on Earth. A lot of sea animals die because of plastic. Plastic can be poisonous for them. Plastic also pollutes air that humans need to breathe. It also pollutes our water sources so we won’t be able to drink any clean water. Plastic has a lot of ups and downs but humans can’t really live without it. Can you imagine a world where everything was glass? So we kinda need plastic to survive. I hoped you all learned something about plastic and maybe won’t throw that bottle cap out the car window, because someday the Earth you see now, may look like a humongous dump to your great, great grandchildren.

Reported by IN

Flexible Seating: Yoga Ball and Saucer Chairs, Oh My!

Flexible seating has been a big hit in our classrooms. Here is what on of our students wrote:

I like to sit in the “Yoga Ball Chair” because it helps me concentrate. It is called a “Yoga Ball Chair” because the ball is a yoga ball. I also like to sit in it because it is comfy. I think the chair part of the “Yoga Ball Chair” is an engineering design so you can roll around in a yoga ball and lean back without falling over. I like to sit in it in Mrs. Dean’s class. The “Yoga Ball Chair” is in the back table straight in the back when you walk in the door. It is all the way on the left side of the table. I sit in the “Yoga Ball Chair” at the end of the day from 2:15-2:50 and at 8:30-9:00 in the morning. Reported by JS

A Day in the Life of a Saucer Chair Comic by LL

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Road Rally

The third grade students have been working hard to create a vehicle able to move two feet from a stand still in a straight line. Doesn't sound too hard but when you can only buy materials from the Pit Stop Authority Parts Store with a budget of $26.00, difficult choices must be made. Using the engineering design process, students worked with the constraints to brainstorm and build a prototype. After test trials were completed, the students redesigned based on the information they collected from their test runs. Redesigns will be entered into the final race!

Writing Good Enough to Eat?

Fourth grade students are working on using sensory imagery to create vivid details for their writing. Sensory imagery is the author's use of language that appeals to the five senses in order to help the reader paint a picture in their mind. The students begin by using their five senses to describe what something might look like, sound like, taste like, smell like and feel like. Look at these examples of some of our favorite foods!
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Field Trip: Children's Science Center Lab

Friday, Nov. 16th, 8:30am-1:30pm

11948 Fair Oaks Mall

Fairfax, VA

This experience will allow us to participate in two labs. One lab will be related to the engineering design process where they create a hovercraft and the other, a scientific investigation involving mystery powders. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to explore, design and build in the remaining areas of the center. Field trip forms will be sent out at the end of October.

Chaperones for this field trip are limited and we will only be allowed to have two attend. We will be doing a drawing from a pool of chaperones so if you are interested, please complete the chaperone/volunteer forms.

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