Francois & Jean-Claude Duvalier



  • Jean Claude Duvalier born July 3, 1951
  • At age 19, became the youngest president in the world in April of 1971
  • succeeded his father as president
  • Instituted budgetary and judicial reforms


Francois: A dictator who wouldn't hesitate to kill his enemies just to maintain power over Haiti. Elected president after a military coup and some uprisings. His election initiated a period of corrupt rule that lasted until his death. After his death his family acquired most of the money in Haiti, leaving the rest of the country drowning in poverty.

Jean-Claude Duvalier: Called Baby Doc, was overthrown in a rebellion, and moved to france with his wife. Was exiled to France after a few years of ruling. He came back in 2011 to help his country. Many people got mad, and he was charged with corruption and embezzlement.

Haitian characteristics

Essential Question: What did Jean-Claude Duvalier do in order to help Haitian people recover from his father's rule?

Baby Doc

They call him Baby Doc,

feared by many,

cruel rule was his walk

Took power at a young age,

19 to be exact,

wasn't long before they wanted him gone,

so he moved along

returned again two years ago,

the people were suprised,

to know all he had,

was care for them inside

Many became furious,

as Duvalier returned,

he was a ruthless leader,

and punished for his words

Jean-Claude Duvalier(the last days)