Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High

By Briyana Wright

Nursery Rhyme

Little Miss Muffet Scared from her Home

By Briyana wright

On May 3, 2015, Little Miss Muffet was scared out of her house when an unexpected visitor showed up. She said that she was eating her curds and whey when she saw something moving ahead of her. Miss Muffet moved closer to see what it was, and she thought it was a dust particle so she left it be. Later, she was cleaning her bowl and spoon when the dust started to move. She assumed that it was the wind that was blowing it, since she had her window open. Miss Muffet went to go look and noticed that is was a spider and since the window was open the spider got blown onto her face. Miss Muffet screamed so loud, that her neighbor heard her. Miss Muffet swatted the spider away and ran from her house. She went back to her house after her neighbor told her he caught the spider, and she had found out that she has arachnophobia.

Movie Review

Taken 3

By Briyana Wright

Do you like action and some thriller? Then Taken 3 is a must see movie for you. It stars Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills and Forest Whitaker as Frank Dotzler. Taken Three is about a retired government operative Bryan Mills. He is accused of a murder he never committed. As he is tracked, Mills brings out his set of skills to find the killer and clear his name. I like this movie because it always keeps you on your toes. The movie is PG-13 because of its language and intense violence and action, so I don’t recommend this to little kids. I know you know a lot of people, and with a good lawyer you’ll get out of jail in a few years. And then i’ll come for you. I’ll find you, and we both know what’s gonna happen. - Bryan Mills

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Haiku Deck

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Autobiography on Briyana Wright

Before Briyana could attend high school, she and her family moved out of the state only to come back and she attended Norfolk High. She told me that the activities she participated in were basketball and band. She said that she would help in the library and help clean around the school and sometimes she would tutor. I asked her if she went to college and she said not right away, but she eventually did take classes because she wanted to be a doctor. Her first job was at Disney Land, but it didn't last long, because she wanted to apply for a job at the local hospital. She got the job and still works there at age 40. At age 40 she is a little chubbier and taller with some gray hairs here and there. She got married and had two kids when she was 23. She lives in New York City, but on her free time she likes to travel with her family, so she isn't home a lot. Her hobbies at 40 are gardening and playing small sports. She plans to keep her current job but maybe work at a different hospital. She said that some places she would like to visit would be England and maybe Ireland. Briyana would go back to Norfolk and visit her parents once in awhile. Her kids come visit her, just like she visits her parents once in awhile. We hope to get back to her to hear more.