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Week of October 10, 2016

3 Amazing FREE Adobe Apps: design Cool stuff, Create a webpage and even a presentation!

Updated Adobe Apps for Education

I spoke about Adobe Slate, not rebranded to Adobe Spar Page last year, but Adobe had a huge update over the summer, so I decided I should address them again because they are just AWESOME!! I would have to say, Page and Video are two of my favorite apps.

All three are iPad Apps, but all three work on your computer (Mac, Windows or Chromebook) as a web-based tool. Create an account and all your work will be on whatever device you are using, including your iPhone.

To find images for your projects, Spark connects you to a search of Creative Commons. And it even added credits automatically for the images.

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Adobe Spark VIDEO

Question: Have you ever wanted to add your voice to your PointPoint? Or maybe just record your presentation?

Well, Adobe Spark Voice makes it extremely easy to do. These videos can be picture slide shows or a combination of images and videos. They can include voice narration and/or music.

I am delighted that Spark Video asks you what kind of video you want to create and then gives you suggestions on how to fill the slides of your video. And you can add as many slides as you choose. And of course there is a blank one if you don't lFike any of the suggestions. or example, when I chose “lesson” from its video types, it created six slides for me with these suggestions:

  • Overview: What will you teach, and why is it interesting or relevant? How will people use what they learn?
  • Concept: Describe the concept you’re teaching.
  • Example: Give an example that your audience can relate to.
  • Explanation: Connect your example to the idea and explain how it applies.
  • You try it: Share a scenario or example problem to let your audience apply what they’ve learned.
  • Summary: Summarize the key takeaway for your audience to remember.

Project examples from DED318 class:

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Adobe Spark PAGE

Page: Spark Page makes it easy for anyone to turn words and images into a beautiful gliding web story. Actually, it is a web page!!

Transform your next lesson, course material for today's class, a newsletter, school report, newsletter, invitation or travel adventure into a gorgeous visual story that delights readers on ANY device. Get inspired by a wide variety of curated designs, then simply tap to select a beautiful, unique look. Gorgeous fonts, color ,and magazine-style design are automatically incorporated — no design experience required. Fluid movement and elegant motion happen instantly. Share your Page to grab attention, increase awareness and inspire action. You can even access, edit and share your web story from a browser with Adobe Spark for the web, And it's all free?

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Adobe Spark POST

Post: Adobe Spark Post is the fun and fast way to create stunning graphics for all occasions. Get started in seconds with professionally designed, eye-catching templates you can tweak in simple steps. Pick a photo, add some text and apply themes to instantly create beautiful images. Each tap gives you completely new layouts, color palettes, typography styles and filters — no design experience required. Easily share your design via your favorite social platforms, text or email to engage your audience.

It’s a new way to design with Adobe magic from the makers of Photoshop and Illustrator. Your Posts are synced between your desktop and mobile devices so you can create and share wherever inspiration strikes.

Post is a simpler version of Canva.