Palais Royal

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About Palais Royal

The Palais original name was the Palais-Cardinal, The Palais located close to the Louvre, just opposite of its north wing.

Despite its name, the palace was never the residence of any King from the French Royal Family.

The palace was the home of Cardinal Richelieu for a short time. The structure was designed by Jacques Lemercier and construction began in 1624. The Cardinal hired Philippe for work and painting.

When the cardinal passed away he left the palace to his friend the king, and its name was changed to what it currently is, Palais Royal. A little time after that Louis XIII passed away.The palace then became home of Queen Mother Anne of Austria where she lived with her sons as well as her aide Mazarin. Who was young louis' mother.

A little ways after, the palace became the home of Henrietta Maria and her daughter Henrietta Anne Stuart, who escaped from the English civil war.

Henrietta Anne ended up marrying Philippe who was Louis' little brother. The wedding ceremony ended up taking place in the chapel in the palace. Henrietta shortly after gave birth to a baby within the palace.

"Today the palace is home to Conseil d' ètat which is the Ministry of Culture and Constitutional Council of France."

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Le Palais Royal

Present only

The palais royal contained one of the most important public theatres in Paris.

In 1763 the palace was taken over by Jean Lully who used it for the Paris Opera.

When many people visit they mainly like to go for a stroll in the garden located in the back of the Palais Royal.

While checking out this attraction there are avenues of shops to the sides and games in the middle.

Tourists often take pictures with the live crowd just standing there.

Parisians often sit and talk with friends.

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