6-1 Social Studies News

September 19-23

Heather Bishop

6-1 Social Studies Teacher

Charging Issue

6-1 Families,

We are having a major issue with students coming to school with a laptop that is NOT fully charged. This is especially an issue over long weekends and school breaks. Please remind your 6-1 student to charge their laptops nightly. Thanks so much!!!


If your team 6-1 student is absent for more than one day please call the school or e-mail the teachers to get their assignments. Students miss so much if they are absent. The teachers would like to help students stay caught up so they do not feel so overwhelmed when they return to school!

Social Studies Updates and Information

We have finished Ancient Mesopotamia but we will be revisiting again when we comparing it to the new civilizations we study. This week students will start studying Ancient Egypt. They will have much more background knowledge about pyramids, mummies, and geography from Ancient Egypt.

Expect the following for the Week

Monday - 9/19

  • Mesopotamia Tests
  • Students will make corrections by the end of their class periods.
  • Give Ms. Bishop a little while to grade the essay questions.

Tuesday - 9/20

  • Students are cleaning up their SS Folders in their Google Drives.
  • Go over Egypt Vocab. to introduce us to Ancient Egypt
  • read pages 100-102 in textbook about Egypt Geography
  • Homework: Finish Maps of Egypt and the World only

Wednesday -9/21

  • Read pages 103-105 about Egypt's Geography
  • Work on remaining portions of Egypt Geography packet.
  • Homework: Finish all portions of the Egypt Geography Packet

Thursday - 9/22

  • Students work on Egyptian Religion Web Study.
  • They should at least finish the gods section by the end of class
  • Homework: None

Friday - 9/23

  • No School for students/ Parent Teacher Conference Day
  • Students cont. to work on Egyptian Religion Web Study.
  • They should have finished the gods and mummies sections by the end of the class period.
  • Homework: None

Lessons and Homework are subject to change.

Important Technology Info.

Textbooks can be found in the Students Google Drives.

Students keep all of their Social Studies papers digitally in their Social Studies folder in their Google Drives.

Please encourage students to charge their laptops every night!!!!

Social Studies Units

Below is a list of the units of study this year in 6th Grade Social Studies and a link to the complete list of 6th Grade Social Studies Standards