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Hit the Road Jack: Fun in the Summer

Summer is a time to recharge your batteries and hopefully spend some time with family and friends. Hit the road this summer exploring parks, festivals, floating or just sightseeing. There are some great cultural opportunities three hours from Springfield. Even though you may be on vacation, find some time for activities where you can have fun and learn at the same time. Here are some places that are an easy trip and offer a variety of cultural experiences.

Forest Park: in St. Louis

Kansas City, Missouri

(These two venues are connected to each other).

Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Greenwood Cultural Center: location of an area in Tulsa known as Black Wall Street. The neighborhood was destroyed during the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot.

Bentonville, Arkansas

Memphis, Tennessee (Five hours from Springfield)

(Location where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated).

Happy Independence Day

With the fourth of July right around the corner, take some time to celebrate another birthday of our country. Find some time to reflect on what makes this country great and also how can we can we make it better in years to come. Even though we all live in the same country, it doesn't mean we're all having the same experiences and perspectives. Those different perspectives are one of the things that make our country unique and great. Here’s a lesson plan to give you an idea of how your students perceive the United States of America.

What it Means to be an American: Lesson Plan. Grades 6 -12

Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Students and Families Due to Travel Ban

Travel restrictions upheld by the Supreme Court could have an impact on some students and families in our district. Performance and student behaviors could fluctuate. For some students, schools are considered safe havens. Continue to build relationships with your students and let them know that you see them and value what they bring to the class. Be on the lookout for bullying or students being left out of activities due to their religion or their country of origin.

What's In Your Toolbox?

How to Get the Most of Your Summer

It’s important to make sure you take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally during the summer, so you’re ready to go for the upcoming school year. Here are several tips to help you be intentional about your summer and fun.

  • Take time to go outside every day. It’s easy to be indoors in the summer especially when it’s hot and humid. Being outdoors in nature is critical to our emotional well-being. Take a walk through the park, swimming at the lake or working in the garden; all are great opportunities to get and being a part of nature.
  • Use a journal to capture your best thinking. Put the computer or laptop away for a bit and grab your journal. Write about observations or perspectives you have. Eventually, you can get around to solving issues or updating lesson plans for the upcoming school year.
  • Take a digital vacation. This one is tough for most people. Even though you physically may be on vacation but your mind is at the office. Disconnecting from your devices will give you an opportunity to build stronger bonds with the people you’re with instead of the people on social media.
  • Waste some time; it’s ok. Educators are used to being on the go most of the time. Allow yourself to enjoy some time to do nothing or something fun you can’t do during the regular school year. Floating on the river, hanging out at the pool or sitting in a boat fishing can be some time well spent relaxing.
  • Go on an adventure. Going on an adventure does not have to be expensive but find something to do that is exhilarating and fun.
  • Do something meaningful. With DVR’s, Netflix, and Hulu you can watch whatever you want when you want. In the summer, find something to do that you will remember years later.
  • Get back on track physically. Working out and being physically active will help with your mood and stress management. Exercise can also increase your focus which means you can be more efficient as an educator.
  • Prepare for school intentionally. Make a list early in the summer of things you would like to get done. Periodically work on that list throughout the summer. Completing your list two weeks before school begins so you can take a break before you hit the ground running.

Get the most out of your summer by being intentional; getting things done when you need to but also allowing yourself to rest and heal so you can be at your best. Besides if you don’t take care of you, who will?

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Upcoming Events

Park Day Reunion Event: August 4-5

Park Day is an annual event that the Springfield African American community celebrates each year the first weekend of August. Activities are open to anyone in the Springfield community to enjoy. Some festivities include a hospitality night, a parade, tennis tournament, golf outing, and a picnic. Silver Springs Park is the location of the picnic on Saturday afternoon. During segregation, Silver Springs Park was the only park African Americans were allowed to attend, so this event is meant to bring the community together commemorating the past.

Park Day 2017 information

Park Day short video from two years ago.