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APPY HOUR {recap}: Book Creator

Book Creator was the focus of our first Appy Hour. We explored the tool and brainstormed ways it might be used with students. There are SO many ways to use this powerful, engaging app. Check out the doc below for some ideas!

APPY HOUR {next-up}: SeeSaw

Thursday, Feb. 11th - 3:40-4:10pm

SeeSaw is a digital portfolio that can be used on any platform (iPads, chromebooks, Macs). It's super easy to use, and the options are endless for student learning, reflection and goal-setting. Optionally, invite parents to view their child's learning and strengthen that home-school connection!

Many of you are already using this powerful tool. Woot woot! Share the love and tell others how you're using it in your classroom!

Watch the short video below for an overview.

Seesaw: The Learning Journal in 90 Seconds


How is Twitter useful for teachers?

What is a "connected educator"?

Starting next week, I will offer regular Twitter Sessions to anyone interested in exploring this powerful resource. We'll learn about our school hashtag #LOlearns, and how we can use it to share the awesome at Longfellow! We will also explore:

  • Hashtags (what they are and how to use them)

  • Anatomy of a tweet

  • How to build your PLN (Personal Learning Network)
    >> That's technical speak for "other educators who can help you learn and grow!"

Options: We can "eat and tweet" during lunch or get together after school (we can still eat!).

All sessions < 30 minutes!

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TECH TIP ~ "Tab Scissors"

This Chrome extension allows your students to place two tabs side-by-side. Imagine: you have an online article for them to read and a Google doc for written responses. With Tab Scissors, students can automatically put these two windows side-by-side to see the text as well as the doc with the questions. So cool!

Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for "Tab Scissors". You will see it in the Extensions section. Click Add to Chrome.

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