Get Ready for Course Selection!!

Timeline for UG Advising & Registration for Spring 2018

9/27 - 10/25

Advisement for Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood majors

(INCH majors must meet with their INCH major advisors during this period.)

by October 6th

Students will receive an email notification to their Nazareth email address with the assigned registration priority start date/time. The registration start date/time is also viewable to students on the Schedule View area in Student Planning until the registration priority time/date passes. Students will be able to register on or after the assigned registration time/date. Students will also receive a reminder email if the registration date/time passes without the student registering.


Spring 2018 course schedule viewable on Student Planning.

10/26 - 11/10

Advisement for course selection and registration period.

11/2 - 11/10

Online registration. Based on total completed credits, students are assigned to one of 3 start times on one of the designated registration days (11/2 - 11/10): 7:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., or 1:30 p.m. Students should NOT skip classes to register. They may register any time after their start date/time.

11/2 - 1/19

Students may make schedule changes online. A student should notify the advisor if s/he registers for a course schedule significantly different from that which was advised.

After 1/19

All schedule changes require a drop/add with appropriate signatures.