One of My Favorite Desserts. Amber

The Best Kind

To me the best kind of cookies are peanut butter cookies. They are delicious and yummy. The peanut butter is soft and smooth. It is creamy and good.

The Smoothness

The smoothness of cookies are most of the time very smooth and sometimes they are hard. When the cookies are smooth they are the best to me. The choclate chips are very melted when they are smooth.

Some of the kind of Cookies

Make Cookies!

Lets Make Cookies!

Cookies can be made in two ways. The first way is to buy cookie dough at the store and put it in balls then put it in the oven. you would mostly put it in for 15 minutes but if you are not supposed to then just do what the intructions say. The other way is to make the dough with your batter and other matirials in your kitchen. For both ways you will get your yummy cookies!


We hope that you make some yummy cookies! Wait!....don't forget to share with me!