Spring Book Reviews

The Best Reads of Spring

Hope Everyone Is Enjoying the Last few weeks 'Til Summer!

It is just one last push until we can all start settling down for the recovery of another year. With the final rush almost out of the way you can start thinking about summer plans or if your like me a new summer reading list Here are some rave reviews that our hardcore reader friends just could not put down..

Liz's Choice

Sarah Dessen

This is an author that has many great books for female teens. Over the break I read a few of her books that I hope you guys will enjoy just as much as me.

Her books vary in lengths and style. There is one for everyone.


Panic is written through two perspectives on a game that graduates play the summer that they graduate. These two unlikely friends have to learn to trust each other and work together for a chance to win the game. Their secrets are what bring them together.

3.5/5 Lightbulbs

Sierra's Picks!

The Immortal Series

This book is about a girl named Ever and meets the perfect guy but they have a lot of obstacles in their way.

4.5/5 Lightbulbs

Spring Break Reunion

A romantic novel about Summer, a girl who's boyfriend plans the perfect spring break for them but on her way to florida meets a mysterious man on the plane.

3/5 Lightbulbs

IPad Readers

I love reading on the IPad and the selection of books never ends with the easy access book store. The only thing I would watch out for is that reading on the IPad at night makes it harder to fall asleep. The bright screen can effect your sleeping habits so be careful!

Your Own Reviews

Dont be afraid to write your own reviews and send them in! We would love to hear what books you've read and what you thought about them.