Stimulate Infant Brain Development

keep it simple and natural

Make everyday things build pathways between neurons. When do tasks cuddle with the baby or talk to them, the more interaction the better. give it bath talking to it and cuddling are all examples

Match experiences to childs mental abilities.

baby need physical experiences, its how they learn. its important to understand how they learn so they can understand it at their lvl. For example a toy is a great way for a baby's senses to be stimulated but flashcards are practically useless because its to advanced for them. building blocks practice colors interactive computer games are all examples

Practice makes Perfect

the more repetition the better. Establish routines in everyday activities so the baby can learn what to expect. Example bedtime stories because the baby will learn that reading a book is important even if they cant do it yet. examples are routine bedtime story bath time, and dinner

Actively involve the baby

provide experiences in which the child takes part. Children of all ages learn best by doing. Let them play sports, let them try puzzles and games by himself first.

Provide variety, Avoid overload

some parents try to expose their baby to as many different experiences and situations as possible because it will help the brain development. While this can help them in a variety of ways be careful to to overwhelm them. Enlist them in sports like basketball, soccer and let them join a club like church or something

Avoid pushing the child

Children learn better if they are interested in what they are doing so don't force something upon them. Look for clues as to what the child is interested in. IF their not interested then don't pursue it. Let the kid choose his favorite sport, let him choose what church he wants to go to and what his favorite team is.

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