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June 2016 - Farewell for the Summer

Your Librarian, Kathy Johnson is Retiring

My dearest students and faculty,

At the end of the summer I will be leaving for the land of retirement, a place of broken alarm clocks, skecher shoes and the siren call of the bucket list. Meredith Hale will take over some of my duties and I leave confident knowing that she will do a great job for all of you.

When I started at Seattle Academy in the previous millenium, Wikipedia did not exist and Google was barely out of the Stanford garage. The library had no databases and we still still used a card checkout system. Over the years the constant challenge to adapt to changing digital environments combined with our institutional growth was invigorating, sometimes exhausting but - without a doubt - a time I will always remember with fondness.

You will always reach me at my home email:

For more information about our current library program see this article.

Many people have asked me, what will you do? My next project involves a film on music and dance. Do you ever wonder where your current dance moves originate? This campaign is not yet live, so feel free to comment.

Kickstarter Campaign Zam Zam

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My last words of advice for all of you...

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