Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week Monday 19th - Friday 23rd January

Dates for the Diary

Optional parent teacher conference -

Wednesday 28th January: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Thursday 29th January: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Science Centre Trip -

5CDO - 3rd and 10th February

5ABA - 4th and 12th February

5DNI - 6th and 13th February

Global Family festival - Thursday 5th February

Next week's Virtue of the Week is

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Language Arts

Having now explored all of the elements that make a good news story, the children are preparing write their own authentic news stories. These will not be ordinary news stories! In fact, we have done some research and the children will be attempting to break some world records! No doubt, the levels of excitement will be through the roof!

Prior to the action, the children will plan to write their news stories. This will require further research, note-taking, planning of photos and interviews with the aspiring record breakers. This will be a great opportunity for our students to demonstrate their command of direct and reporter speech.

To give you an idea of what is in store, check out the following link:


This week, the Grade 5 children started on a new topic – Volume. They started off with some hands-on activities like counting the cubes and building solid figures with the cubes. This is to help them visualise how a solid figure will look like when it is presented in an abstract form (a solid figure in the book).

We also discussed about the formula used for calculating volume. We encourage the children to write the formula – Volume = L x B x H, units of measurements, when they are working with volume word problems. Next week, we will work on finding the volume of liquid in a rectangular container.

Below are a few websites to reinforce the concept of volume.

Basic Volume

Fill the box with cubes to find the volume

Volume Quiz

Can you get them all correct?


The children have completed their historical news stories this week and have had fun watching, reading and listening to each others bulletins. They have reflected on their research skills and have discussed the different sources available and which were most useful. Working to a tight deadline has been a challenge for some, but as journalistic teams, they all pulled together and helped get the story published.

Also this week we have begun to look at the technology aspect of making the news. The children first studied a variety of photos and discussed what the subject was and what your attention was drawn to. We also looked at whether the photo evoked any emotion.

We then learnt the names for the main types of shots and what they are used for. Bringing our Language Arts and IPC together we have begun to take photos of our record breaking efforts for our articles next week.



To design a photo story which teaches the virtue of kindness.

Submission Date - Friday 30th January

Language Arts

Reading - Complete activity in journal.

Submission Date - Monday 2nd February

Spelling - Complete sheet on tricky words

Submission Date - Friday 30th January


Children will have a task set by their Maths teachers.

Monday's submission date - Wednesday 28th January

Wednesday's submission date - Friday 30th January

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SJI Calendar

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Mrs. Patrice Valere – Elementary School Art Teacher