Sootface- Ojibwa

Robert d. San Souci and Daniel San Souci

In the story Sootface there was a girl named Sootface. Her mom died as she was a child and her father quickly remarried. Her stepmothers children were acting very cruel to Sootface, they made her do chores and they never had to lift a finger. Sootface never gets to see her father because he goes hunting almost all day and night so she has no one to talk to. Sootface thought her life would never get better she thought her life would always be miserable and she would always do chores the rest of it. Until a myth came into her town, at least she thought it was a myth. Sootface went to go see where the hunter was, and she saw him unlike everyone else. Sootface got married to the hunter and turned her life around.