"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 5-29-15

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Paula graciously receiving the Excellence In Special Education Award! What a special Educator!

Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!


  • Thank you to the entire staff for participating in Field Day today. This was a fun way to celebrate as an entire school community the amazing year we have created together. All of you have worked so hard to make this a great year for our students and staff.
  • Welcome Back Shiela, we missed you!
  • Sharpen the Saw Committee for meeting and planning so many end-of-year events - Terry, Jojo, Daniel, Ellen, Shaina, Kimberly, and Neva.
  • Jojo, Lindsay, Nora, Paula for attending the star of india overnight Field Trip. What a great experience and opportunity for our students.
  • Kristy for leading a Parent ELAC meeting.
  • Jennifer for organizing our school's participation in the San Diego County 2015 Challenge 24 Tournament today! Jennifer said that, "Our six students who attended the competition did a fantastic job representing our school, not only through their math skills, but also showing their maturity and support towards one another. Anjana medaled in the non-semifinalist category, while both Kenny Zhang and Praneet Varadee were medalist and made it to the semifinals, each being one of the top nine in their grade level for the entire tournament."
  • Brandi for getting the fish and leading the dissections in the Discovery Lab.
  • Debbie, the Kinder Team, and Ashley for the great Kinder performance!
  • Kathy and the SR staff for being flexible problem solvers for when we do not have enough Guest Teachers.

I love Dawn's message to us earlier this week where she reminded us to enjoy our last weeks with the kids. It's a busy and stressful time for sure, but it's important to remind ourselves to enjoy each and every precious day! Thank you for making each day count with our students!


Put First Things First

  • District-End-of-Year Event - Tuesday June 2nd. Paula's Retirement to follow.
  • Talent Show Wednesday (Dress Rehearsal) Thursday 1:30-2:30
  • Visiting Author for Gold Medal Reading - Thursday
  • Friday Assembly - Career Day - Students dress up in the uniform, outfit of their dream professions.
  • Staff Party June 6 - Tony Jacal's 6PM
  • Student Teachers - If you would like to have a CSUSM Student Teacher in the Fall, please let me know. Our staff has so much to offer these future teachers, so it would be great if some of your could give these students a great mentor.
  • If you are interested in helping plan for our Fall staff meetings (Begin with the End in Mind), we are thinking about doing an Ed. Camp format where teachers can sign up for something they are interested in learning more about. If you can stay on June 9th @ 2:45 I would love to have your synergy!
  • A few of you mentioned that you would like to help with creating next year's duty schedule. If you can help with this process let me know. We can meet June 3rd @ 8:00 in the conference room (we won't have a staff meeting on this date; just a continental breakfast). I'd like to discuss what duties are needed, not needed, and staff preferences for AM and PM duties.

Enjoy your Weekends and Sharpen the Saw! (:

Who Am I?

  • I love animals
  • Walking and hiking are my favorite activities
  • Yosemite is my favorite place
  • I was born in Lima, Ohio
  • My two sons were born on the same day July 23, but not the same year - 1991 and 1993

Answer: Julie Paris