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Be in the Know - January 2016

Check out our 83,000 e-books

Our Ebrary database offers a large selection of e-books on every topic. You can search by chapter to narrow down results. The Ebrary platform makes it remarkably easy to browse through e-books. Each person can set up their own bookshelf and there is never a need to download the books as they are perpetually available. There are no limits on how many people can access any particular book. This makes it possible for a teacher to assign a book chapter to the whole class. NOTE: the Ebrary reading level is college-level. Use Re-Wordify (a free service on the web) when you need to simplify the reading level of a text. This represents a virtual undergraduate library at your fingertips.

To log in please know this is not a single sign-on database:

  • Your personal log in is the first part of your email address. (Example: rjones)
  • Everyone has the same password: timecat.
  • Click the bar below: "Log into Ebrary"

Additionally I am able to add books to this collection. Write me if you there is a topic or title that you would like to have added to our Ebrary collection. (kjohnson@)

Cool Tool Alert !

TubeChop lets you sample clips of YouTube videos. It's super simple. Just enter the YouTube video url and a timeline with sliders appear to help you choose exactly the portion of the clip you need. The resulting clip is given as an url and cannot be downloaded however I still find it quite a useful tool. (I'm quite sure some of you could figure out how to download it.)

Don't forget to return any books you still have out from Fall tri!!!

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