Date joined the European Union and is it a founder?

This contrite has not yet joined the EU and is not a founder

Where was Albania located?

It is surrounded by grease, Macedonia, Kosovo , and montinegro. It is in the south.

Was Albanian part of another country at any point

The country Albania came from was called Byzantine.

A brief history of Albanias flag

The design of the egal is from the 15 century gorge. It is also the land of the egal


The capital of Albania and 4 other city's.

Tirana is the capital of Albania. 4 other major city's are shÿak, durrës, kashar, bizë.

Some of the main attractions in Albania.

The skandbeg square , mount dajt, skandbeg monument, buirtnt national park. These are some places that u want to visit.
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Geography and physical features of Albania.

Albania is by the water so has beaches and lakes. It is also full of mountains.
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The government type of Albania.

The government type in Albania is called parliamentary.

The current type of currency in Albania

The current type of currency is lek. It is used like the cash we have hear.
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Hear are some interesting facts about Albania.

-shaking your head from side to side means yes .

- Albanians wait to open birthday gifts after their guest to leave .

- The Albanian flag is the only flag in the world just red and black .