Alfred Nobel

October 21 1833 - December 10 1896

Known for

Alfred is know for creating the explosive known for creating dinimite. Alfred is also known for being the father of the Nobel Prize

Early years

Alfred was a sickly child with a hard life growing up. At age 4 Alfred moved from his place in Sweden to Russia because his father left his failing business to take a job manufacturing explosives. Alfred also learned to speak fluent English, Russian, French, German, and his native language Sweden. While he was in the factory he had accidentally set off a explosive and killed 5 workers and his little brother.

Other info

Fun facts

Alfred was a excelling student in school.

Alfred had 7 siblings in the beginning but soon after he only had 3 remaining siblings alll of witch was boys.

Alfred only attended school for 18 months.


Alfred made the world a little bit more advanced that would carry on throughout the years, still even today. But today you have to remember that even Alfred made mistakes and failed at some of his tests, he had many trials that didn't succeed, he even blew up his brother.