elf on the shelf

fun tips and cool facts!


hello! I am sydni but my friends call me syd! I have had my elves [Freddie and pheoinia] for quite a while now! and if you look at the pic below you will see a reindeer pooping in pheonias cookie tray! that is there pet [Figgie pudding] or as I call her Figgie! I have learned over the years that elves and there pets [if you believe hard enough] will answer questions if you leave out a piece of paper a pen and some cookies and milk they will put yes no maybe or I don't know as answers! as you can see I have given them water and split apart a cookie for them! and I took the answered questions on the paper out of the pic because it was in the way! but I can happily tell you what I put and they answered! ok so yes they do watch over parents. no they cant have fruit, veggies or meat.no they were never babies. they get the coal to put in stockings from the engine to santa sleigh because Christmas spirit help reindeer fly and no one believes anymore hardly! no reindeer elf pets cant move unless there is a elf to assist them. they are not allergic to anything. yes elves only leave unless you believe so when you stop believing and they go away forever! so next time you go to some persons house and they have an elf that could be your old elf you used to own! ok well that's all I asked them so if you have a question tell me and I will ask them for you! I will have to wait it out 24 hours or less to answer it! MERRY X-MAS!
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