Promoting healthy eating

McDonald let us eat saladwhitch

Eat the most healthiest food item in McDonald...

SALADWHICH,is the healthiest item in McDonald because it has fruit and vegetables, meat and alternatives, dairy products and no grain products.

the different food groups are...

fruit and vegetables are cucumber, carrots, tomatoes ,lettuce as the bun and apple juice as the drink. The meat and alternatives are chicken breast breaded. Dairy products are cheese slices. No grain products because the bun is lettuce.

let us eat saladwhich!!!!!

the saladwhich is only...

$2.50 and it will have a huge line for the saladwhich and its a reasonable price. Look at the huge line for the saladwhich.


you have to go to bramalea Rd mayfeild Rd and go to walmart.Then go to the cashier and you'll see McDonald's.